Colin Powell: Close Guantánamo prison camps

Khyros said:
No doubt Stonker... the Islamic militants out there are masters of manipulating the press and we are very far behind them when it comes to propaganda. You will not see me defend the current administration's bone headed decisions... of which I do believe creating a facility at Gitmo was one... captured combatants should have been kept under the auspicies of control by the host country rather than transported to this hemisphere.

The United States has lost it's credibility in the past due to idiotic politicians and has recovered from the situation. We will do so again after the current leadership is out of office...
We watchd the Bosniacs lead Madeline Allbright and Bill Clinton a merry dance a few years back, didn't we?

Mortaring their own people for the TV cameras, knowing that even when the Press found out the facts, the original soundbite always carried more weight than any subsequent correction.

Need to learn the game. Fact is - USA and NATO did learn the game, for the 1st year of the Bosnia op.

Then it went quiet, and they threw away the learning, and went back to 'doin' it by the book'.

But like a phone book - the one they're using is long out of date.

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