Colin Montgomerie - Ryder Cup TV Adverts

At the moment just about every advert on Skysports or Skysports News features Montgomerie banging on about the Ryder Cup being the ultimate team event and "we're all trying for each other rather than trying to beat each other".

I find this more than just a touch ironic considering the bold Colin was one of the most insular,driven and bloody-minded golfers ever to play the game.It's well known that he was utterly ruthless in his determination to win;for himself.

I find myself wondering if Colin is perhaps trying to elevate the Ryder Cup to Major status in his own mind as he never actually won a Major...........
Golf as a team sport hey, a lot of fat twats waddling about in baseball caps and Rupert the bears trousers whinging about the wind. I would more content tidying my sock draw than watching that shite. Exciting? Somebody explain that to me.
Hunt and destroy Clare Balding. I would watch that if your reading this sky.

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