Colin from Cyprus: 40 Signal Regiment on OP TOSCA (JOKE)??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by colin2k10, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Hmmmm shades of last year(?)with 32 Sigs Group
  2. If you're going to Court Martial in relation to harassment whilst attached to this Unit, this thread probably isn't the best idea in the world...
  3. You're not telling us the whole truth are you?
  4. So screaming unfair,they're all pants are you?
  5. You presumably are aware that CoC read Arrse?

    Yes...even TA ones.....
  6. Look, they're scaleys. What do you expect ? If it comes as a surprise then a transfer to the Int Corps is not for you.
  7. Don't all parts of the TA have officers?

    Just 'cause our soldiers can read and write.......
  8. They can read and write, I'd keep an eye on them, they sound like dangerous intellectuals to me.
  9. and some fit officers
  10. Thank you, I do try. :)
  11. Why? What have 40 done and what did 32 do?
  12. Snothead in failed attempt to take the moral highground.

  13. This is a poor attempt at a whinging TA thread. FFS 32SRGs thread was so long it even came out in hardback. Or maybe this mob are more professional?
  14. Fixed that for you.