Colerne to Blandford?

I'm having a few issues with housing and postings and the like.

Basically, is it viable to commute from one to the other on a daily basis?

Also which is the fastest route (by car :roll: ) between the two, and how long does it take on average/fastest ever?!

Thanks in advance.
Try driving it first thing in the morning and at knock off. A pain in the rear but time spent on recce etc...........
You are looking at just over an hour from Colerne to Blandford,
I have relatives in Badminton, and visit them whilst sampling some of Blandfords finest bland.
It takes me just under an hour from there (not far from the village named "The Shoe")
I reckon it would be a proper epic in the rush hour.
The roads arent the best, and you are bound to get stuck behind a tractor for half of it.
It has to be taken into consideration that the A36? (not sure) is really slow moving at the best of times,
and that road communications around Blandford are pap.
Have you considered rail?
No, I wouldnt either.
Hope I have been of help.
Bradford upon Avon,
Bypass Rode and onto the A36 at the Texaco Garage,
Then simply Warminster bypass, Shaftesbury and the (ahem) back-route to Blandfordium.

If you are doing it for a short time, it is eminently commutable, but would become a drag eventually.
I went thru the toll at Bathhampton last Sun and was shocked to see that its gone up to ten bob now ! Also the tp Shaftesbury road is the way to go - the only pain is going through Melbury Abbas. My suggestion is if its going to be a daily thing then get a bike, and by coincidence if you are interested in a green ZX6R (Is there any other colour for a kwaka) then I know a bloke who's selling one (ahem!)
I've done it a few times and it can be ok but if you hit it at the wrong time it can take up to 2 hours. Compus Mentus's route is probably the best but your fcuked if you get stuck behind a tractor or a few trucks. Guru's advice is probably the best to overcome that.

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