Coleman lamps

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Um, not sure where this one should go.

    We've been having a few powercuts of late. I'm thinking of buying a couple of Coleman lamps (dual fuel: unleaded and Coleman Fuel). Are they any good? Can they be used in-doors safely (fumes)?

    Also, I need a good torch. Are Maglite the dog's cahones or is there something better?

  2. Wouldnt suggest using any lantern that uses a mantle ( the netting bag thing ) indoors mate.

    Also no not unless you get the biggest magliter they do they are not really that good they are just tough/ish thought about a 1 million candle power? takes like 2 days to recharge but will light up your house better than any light could
  3. Cheers for that.
  4. I’d recommend HPP (high pressure paraffin). I’ve got a couple that I use to good effect.
    If well maintained and lit properly they produce a clean non smelly white light. They also produce heat which is useful in a power cut.
    I’ve also got a 6 cell mag light but there are plenty of torches around that are just as good. You can even get wind up ones. (useful for ARRSE users).
  5. I would recommend using your old bicycle, and attach a small dinamo to the wheel. The purchase your own personal indian punkawalla, or in this day and age, perhaps a Pole, and roberts your fathers brother :)
  6. Yeah, my old man was recommending paraffin. He's that old he's been through more fuel crises' than a bankrupt Range Rover owner.

  7. There are on the market a double fluorescent lamp that plugs into a power point and switch on as soon as the power goes off. My sister uses one in North Cyprus where they have lots of power failures. I don't know hwere else they are available but I got that one from MAKRO.
  8. . . . Chrikey - I've stumbled ino the QM's by mistake - MODERATOOOOR!!!!
  9. Apologies.
  10. Er, why not?

    Tilly lamps are very good and also give off some heat, ideal during a power cut.
  11. I agree; Tilley lamps produce an enormous amount of light for their size and weight, and fuel consumption is minimal. I can't see that fumes would normally be an issue but they must not be used in a confined space. Their downside is that they need regular maintenance and do not start quickly!

  12. Thought about a camping gas lamp. The lamp will screw onto different size bottles and give off light at the start. Most now have ignition as part of the on/off so no matches needed.
  13. My bold.

    Agree with the last sentance; they probably are an aquired taste.
  14. The new generation are good: but if it's for indoor, house use while the power's sorted, I'd go for one of the battery ones. They're much more common in the states than here, but are fumeless/non-toxic, noisless - the hissing with fuelled ones can be an irritant - and some come with a remote, so you can even stick the remote on the wall with a piece of harry black, and pretend it's a 'proper' lightswitch (!)

    Catalogue with examples:

    coleman battery lanterns
  15. I don't see what is wrong with a mantle lamp indoors. I'm old enough to remember the gas lamp fittings inside houses (although they weren't in use).