Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soontobesoldier, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. does anyone no if there expecting deployments back to afghanistan soon ?
  2. Whats the rush?

    I don't think their up for a tour in the next couple of years
  3. i know for a fact they are going back to afghan in 2010 but not sure if they are going back up until then.
  4. Nothing is FACT until it actually happens. My old mob were told we would be the last lot in Hong Kong - it didnt happen !!
    A lot can change in a year 8O
  5. The 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards is a Light Role infantry Battalion. This Means that it is organised to move quickly at short notice to trouble spots anywhere in the world. It is currently based in Windsor, from where, as well as conducting ceremonial duties, it has recently deployed to Afghanistan as part of 52 Infantry Brigade. In February 2009 the Battalion will move to Aldershot to become part of 1 Mechanised Brigade. After a training cycle during the Summer and Autum of 2009, the Battalion will go on readiness for deployment to an operational theatre. Over the last ten years, Coldstreamers have been on Operations in Northern Ireland, The Balkans, Sierra Leonne, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Taken from CG website. Isn't tinterweb an amazing thing, oh yes, you will notice, no mention of Afghan, just readiness.
  6. fair point but im just going by what a coldstream guardsman told me