Coldstreamers not decking tourists :)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tired_Tech, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Sorry about this @Arte_et_Marte

  2. Excellent, thanks!
  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    As any fule no... THAT is a going on the piss hat of the first order.
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  4. List Incomplete,

    Here's an old picture of the Guards wearing their Dunce's caps before they had busbys.
  5. Going by the facings on the occifer's coat I reckon they're Army Air Corps.
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  6. Ah, memories. I had a little uniform like that when I was a nipper in the early 70s, got it from Hamleys.

    Changing the subject, that doesn't appear to an SA80 the Guardsman is carrying....anybody know what it is?
  7. WELL.... (stepping carefully to one side...!)

    it could be a Brown Bess?
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  8. Hearts of Fceking Oak?
    Is it the replacement for the SA80? Looked well ally/warry.

    And did see the size of the stabby thing You could have someone's lungs out with summat like that.
  9. There is a precedent for the Guards giving young boys an insight ...

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  10. That looks like Caterham Barracks.

    I took dekko round the place a year or two ago. They haven't done a bad job with it, really. The development has even got its own pub.
  11. The kid will probably turn to drugs and die alone on a stinking mattress in a derilict council house when he is old enough to realise he dressed up as a hat.

    No offence.
  12. Ektually, I think you'll find that is a wholly anachronistic painting of the 23rd Royal Welch Fuzileers (English not their first language. They were mostly Irish) at 'Bunker Hill'. They are kitted out as they were at Minden (no, not that one). The bugler is my favourite.
  13. Kid couldn't do that these days, he'd get slotted by plod, and they would give the excuse that how were they to know it was a toy gun?
  14. He probably joined the IRA in the early '70's after that humiliation.