Coldstreamers not decking tourists :)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tired_Tech, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Auld-Yin

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    Irish Guards, he is their pet Leprechaun mascot!
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  2. On a more serious note, the video clip appears to have been viewed several million times now on Youtube and elsewhere.

    Its ironic that a short clip of the Army marching and being nice to a little kid that was unplanned and spur of the moment generates millions more hits than much vaunted PR campaigns and recruitment films and arguably does a better job of showing the essential qualities of a British soldier (smart, soldier like and able to make someones day with a cheeky salute).
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  3. Which is exactly why this chap should be rewarded for his quick thinking.

    It's also worth pointing out that our young lads going back in to their 'natural habitats' they de-brief their peer group.

    Retention = recruiting.
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  4. But someone with a media degree knows better.

    Probably looking through rose tinted glasses but it seems that when I was younger the Forces were more accessible to kids.
    We used to play on the assault course on the local MoD land and a squaddie came out one day and we thought we where for it.
    He actually spent about an hour showing us how to use it properly then beasted us over it we loved it.
    Likewise you only had to ask when you someone with some kit and they'd let you look through the sights etc.
    That's what I remember and that;'s what led me to the CIO not some video on tv.
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  5. Forces were always coming into school. Remember the day an RN Wessex turned up with booties, landed on our playing fields. Army with Abbots, AFVs, .22 conversions of THAT rifle with mini shooting range in back of 4 tonners, a Bofors that I tracked a Nimrid with, (I still want one), Red Devils' drop... riding on the back of a White Helmets bike (why I went Scaley) at the Bank Hol Gala Day. Watching 4 Para do balloon jumps on Soldiers' Fields, great fun. All the forces' personnel were brilliant with the hordes of us kids mithering, pestering, touching and trying to 'acquire' souvenirs. Happy Days!
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  6. All that and go home and recreate with Action Man and his kit.
    Plus you always seemed to know someone in or who had been in.
    I remember a lad called Gary arriving at School from somewhere called Singapore
    Got us a whole lesson on how Gary's dad was a soldier and they moved round the world.
    Great stuff for a bunch of 6 year old
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  7. Every day a school day!
  8. Surely that's a highland bonnet? A shako is that type of tall hat with a peak, as seen in the "Sharpe" tv series.
  9. The fun is, quite literally, inexhaustible.
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  10. Well I found it edjucash, ejewca... lerned summet.

    A busby is a bearskin that's had a prolapse
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  11. The thread title may be about Guardsmen not decking tourists but I'd like to have been there when that fekin idiot dressed (badly) as a Guardsman pretended to deck a tourist. That fancy dress twat needs smacking.. (can't link to YouTube but you've probably seen him before)
  12. Too true:

    List of headgear - Wikipedia
  13. The access is still possible.

    The army side of it just needs the time to assist.
  14. Yes. Sad. God bless those bankers.
  15. Er, did you put crack in your tea by mistake?