Coldstreamers not decking tourists :)


Perhaps the Guards should all change to the same headdress as the Sikh chappie?

Saves on bears, box ticked
Uniformity, box ticked
Integration with minority, box ticked

But then they'd all be different sizes.

Little guards have big busbys and big guards have little ones so everyone looks the same size.

This is not true.
To be fair, from the look of the Guardsman's trouser length, his waist band must be tucked just under his armpits. Show again trouser length.
Vis a vis another thread it is the spread of hipsterdom into the military.

Trousers three inches too short - not wearing socks and has a topknot under that daft hat.
Christ on a bike, is this some kind of reverse-wah set-up? If so, <reverse-wah shield>

Not wanting to put words in @ashford_old_school's fizzog, but I deliberately used the term busby. You then wah'd yourself by pointing out my "error".

Slime picked up on it and SABC'd you; granted that was maybe a tad harsh.

</reverse-wah shield>

Friday night. More beer required :)
It's only a hat Not worth worrying about is it?
Um, I don't know about this "wah" thing. I just took it at face value and interpreted it as Ashford_old_school not knowing the difference himself and thinking that I had got this wrong. Thus revealing himself to be a dozy plonk.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the shako.


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