Coldstreamers not decking tourists :)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tired_Tech, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. ROPs the kid for looking like a sack of crap tied in the middle.
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  2. Er, no. Baiting woodentops :)
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  3. So his braces have rode up a bit during the march down from the top of the hill where the Royal Quarters are. Who cares. I'm sure he will adjust them if they need it.

    Fair play to the bloke for making a child's day!
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  4. ...and for trying to pull the mum by inviting them back for a 'guided tour' of the Castle!
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  5. 2nd lace hole.

    He looks like a bloody farmer, the sodding crow
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  6. It's an enduring image. The little boy holding his rifle while mum gets a scuttling from behind.
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  7. And you wouldn't have!
  8. So then, Ashford_old_School. Whats with the SABC? Do you actually think I've said something wrong here?
  9. The Guardsman isn't much better.
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  10. ear yooooarrr

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  11. If nobody else is going to I will:

    Is he entitled to those medals, anyone know if he's gen?
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  12. Christ on a bike, is this some kind of reverse-wah set-up? If so, <reverse-wah shield>

    Not wanting to put words in @ashford_old_school's fizzog, but I deliberately used the term busby. You then wah'd yourself by pointing out my "error".

    Slime picked up on it and SABC'd you; granted that was maybe a tad harsh.

    </reverse-wah shield>

    Friday night. More beer required :)
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  13. Well at his age he's entitled to the CDM he was wearing
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  14. Um, I don't know about this "wah" thing. I just took it at face value and interpreted it as Ashford_old_school not knowing the difference himself and thinking that I had got this wrong. Thus revealing himself to be a dozy plonk.
  15. That reminds me of an incident many many moons ago when 117 was nowt but a fuze cap..

    Family outing to North Berwick... 117, as always "tooled up" with his plastic burp gun..! Comes across an Army recruiting display on the prom, and a bee line is made!

    Centre to the display is an infantryman in combat gear and rifle.. 117,even at this age is into his guns takes a great interest. Infantryman offers his rifle to 117, however 117 is already armed! Solution, a gun swap.. 117 with rifle and infantryman with the plastic burp gun!

    On reflection, I wish two things had happened:

    1. My old man had taken a picture.
    2. I had kept the rifle... it was an EM2!

    ..from such little acorns..etc!
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