Coldstream marks Guardsmans death

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by oldmuso, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. From the 'Berwickshire News' newspaper this week ......

    "Saltires at half mast in Coldstream"

    14 October 2009
    By Janice Gillie

    SALTIRES are flying at half mast at Coldstream Town Hall and Coldstream Primary School this week in honour of the Coldstream Guard who died in Helmand Province last Thursday.

    The leader and convener of Scottish Borders Council, Councillor David Parker and Councillor Alasdair Hutton agreed to both flags being put up on Friday, and they will remain at half mast until the day of 23-year-old Lance Corporal James Hill's funeral.

    The initial request to fly the saltire at half mast came from Coldstream Primary School and Councillor Donald Moffat asked that a flag was also flown at half mast on Coldstream's Town Hall.

    Lance Corporal Hill was serving with 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards, when he died in an explosion near Camp Bastion, in central Helmand on Thursday, October 8.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Good for them.
  3. We have a very close relationship with the town of Coldstream. They will be feeling this loss very keenly.

    Well done to ''the first true border toon.''
  4. A nice touch, reminiscent of the old days when Regiments came from smaller areas and had close links to home.
  5. bloody good show!! a council that isnt afraid to show respect for our troops!
  6. A good effort by the local council.

    Coldstream Guards - a great family to serve with!
  7. Bravo Coldstream.
  8. Good on you Coldstream. The day a town fails to recognize one of its own son’s sacrifice for its people will be a sad day indeed.

    RIP laddie.