Coldstream Guards


crow_bag said:
An alright bunch of lads, just remember that when you go to the careers office, to tell them that you're interested in being "second to one"
Lol "seconds to one"
If it's the Guards you want to join go ahead and tell them at thge careers office. Remember that all the posters on ARRSE were once in your position and look at how they've turned out. No don't do that it'll put you off completely. Seriously go for it and enjoy it which you can if you put your mind to it and be aware that it won't be all roses.


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For fcuk sake DON'T join the Guards.



F3rb said:
Anyone give me any info about them? i expect some cockyness:D
My first posting out of training from Bordon was a few months with the Grenadier Guards in Munster and then with the Coldstream Guards who took over from the Grens. At times I regretted being posted to 2CG so early in my career. After 2 CG, I found difficulty in settling down in subsequent units ,always comparing them to the Coldstreams, and marking them short, very short.
An excellant unit.
Out of curiosity, do the Coldstream (or any of the other Guards Regiments) require a minimum hight? Being around 5'5 would that be awkward?


being an ex guardsman and only 5ft 9inches i can tell you you will be the butt of endless piss takes.

when i joined we had to be 5ft 8


taggytwo said:
being an ex guardsman and only 5ft 9inches i can tell you you will be the butt of endless urine takes.

when i joined we had to be 5ft 8
RSM Walsh 2CG looked around 5'6 to me. But speaking of butt. When 2CG took over the North Howard Street make shift barracks in '70, most of the toilet bowls were junior. Really TS for a 6'+guardsman. One of our REME fitters was 5'5", some wag made a ladder for him to reach his bed. (not a bunk bed)


I remembered this towering giant of a Sgt Major, Bunny Whitehead, I think his name was. The height from the ground to his waist must have been 5'8", because when he stood in front of you all you could see was his belt head.
There was a MG's parade , and the LAD not accustomed to seeing the Guards at thier best, were taking in the view while formed up on parade. Out steps Bunny Whitehead, stood in front of the LAD and bellowed, "DON'T LOOK AT ME, I DON'T TELL YOU HOW TO USE YOUR F*#&ING SPANNERS."


i have work with them, well thats what they called them selfs, its was hell i must ,,,,,,,,whatever, i am sure there are good coy,s within.

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