Coldstream guards

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Gdou9518, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. Like the Grenadier and Scots Guards I think the answer will be most likely yes, however sometimes people may managed to go straight to the Bn.

    **I'm a Grenadier so I'm only guessing.
  2. Ok hopefully I can do duties think it would be a good experience may not be some people's cup of tea tho
  3. It's not too bad in small doses,
  4. The ceremonial company in London, No 7 Company, is only a staging post to greater things. Both units of the Coldstream Guards, that is the 1st Battalion in Windsor and No 7 Company in London, carry our public (ceremonial) duties.

    However, that is not the full story. Both units have deployed worldwide over the last 2 years. Afghanistan has featured prominently in recent deployments.

    Coldstream Guards have served in France, the USA, the Falkland Islands, Libya (yes), Germany, Canada and Cyprus.
  5. As others have said, your first posting will probably be to Wellington Barracks, next door to Buckingham Palace, with No.7 Company Coldstream Guards. No.7 Company are kept extremely busy. You will carry out Ceremonial and other duties as well as further training.

    Where are you from? If you are from the Southeast, you may want to consider joining The London Branch of The Coldstream Guards Association ( though we do take in rough Northerners, too ) Several of the G.Men recently joined.

    Good luck with your training.
  6. I'm from Leicester my grandad was in the coldstream guards also in grenadier guards
  7. You are going to love Welly B. Although it has lost its charm since the passport office moved.

    One slight draw back though, no sheep in london.
  8. Were you recruited in Leicester by a Coldstreamer in the recruiting office? If yes, I joined up with him.

    Creature, there are sheep, if you know where to look.
  9. No I was joining artillery but got a call Yesturday asking if I wanted to join Coldstream guards was good because I wanted to join them in the first place
  10. I always knew the Coldtreamers where a whole new level cunning.

    Stealth sheep!
  11. Does Any1 know will they be going to afganistan for herrick 17 next October time
  12. I can honestly say that no one, in 1986/87, ever threw things at the line of passport applicants. No johnies full of water or sick, no waste paper bins. No spitting, no turds......... and I definitely never saw an ironing board get hoyed out the window.

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  13. Mate you are not even at the factory yet, so not even an egg, let alone a crow. simmer down a bit.

    You have at least 6 month there, and then there is pre deployment before A'stan.
    Concerntrate on getting through the factory, then worry about gettin your boots dirty.

    Learn your trade, learn from the the senior G-men around you, and become a good one yourself, that can be can be relied upon to do your job.

    take it one thing at a time. The way things are going, there is going to be plenty of time to kill things and break stuff for years to come.
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  14. You would have more fun with the Micks