Coldstream Guards winning Hearts and Minds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Hey, CJ, what a totally heartwarming vid! Many thanks indeed for posting it.

    This underlines (as if it wasn't already abundantly clear) the efforts the British Army goes to in trying to establish a common basis of understanding with the local population. Fair play indeed to the Coldstreams for recognising the problems involved and doing their part to alleviate it. It made me go all fuzzy inside.

    Off-thread I know; but why have (some of?) the Coldstreams adopted the Froggie (Foreign Legion?) way of wearing their capbadge practically over their left ears? I can understand it with the Paras, since their badge is a little wide to position it one inch above the left eye without bits sticking out and catching in doorways. But the Coldstreams?

  2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and i don't mean they copied the French!
  3. So what do you mean then? You've confused me with your last sentence!

    Without wanting to flay the point, I imagine you've gone off about the capbadges, when the whole point was the difference the Coldstreams are making to the local situation! Are you a politician?

    Again off-thread: your username is "Gluck ab". Is that a reference to the traditional German miners' greeting for a new shift of "Glück ab" - meaning "Good luck down there"(in the mine)? If so, I assume you must be in the "Ruhrgebiet", or have some dealings with the area. Or does, on the other hand, refer to the verb "glucken" (to cluck - as in hen), which would make no sense with the preposition "ab". But it might to you!

    Just asking. :D :D :D

  4. I agree, but I think all the Coalition forces do a good job of doing it on a ground level, if not at the political level. The Polish CIMIC teams have done a cracking job in their area. Some of my Danish mates have some photos of their efforts here . And my buddy Gozar did a drive similar to the Coldstreams did, he has some entries about his experiences on his deployment blog His Lt also got some video here and .

    Plenty of guys in the field have mixed opinions politically, but I've never met any Coalition veteran who didn't care deeply about those kids over there.
  5. Thank you, Chief, for posting that. It was good to see the clips of the Iraqi children.
  6. Not a politician but i was 'going off' about capbadges!

    As for the username, the first part of your paragraph is close - prior to jumping, German paras respond to their despatchers shout of 'gluck' with resounding 'ab' and it's done three times every time. As opposed to 'good luck down there' you can take it to mean 'good luck up there'.