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Coldstream Guards PO visits

Hi, I may be going on a 24 hour visit to the battalion in Aldershot to "shadow a platoon commander and spend some time with the guardsmen."

I was wondering if anyone had been on a similar visit with the guards and would mind telling me what it specifically involves? (I haven't received my joining instructions yet).

Every visit is different, depending on what's going on in / out of camp, who's about and what can be arranged. If you are worried about something, call the recruiting officer. If not, wait for your joining instructions. In either case, you are unlikely to get any sensible advice about something quite that specific here, but, don't worry, they won't eat you in Aldershot. Probably.

Rest assured that any regiment wants decent people to join them and so it is in their interests to look after you and to try to get to know a bit about you in the short time available. Enjoy!

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