Coldstream guards or REME

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kingcal91, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. so I am a bit split between either joining the Coldstream Guards or the REME as a VC or something.

    Two good friends of me are guardsmen (one a l/cpl i think) and to be honest it is what i feel i really want to do

    BUT my close second choice is as a REME aircraft tech and my dad thinks i should get a trade

    So the point is my head thinks REME and me heart says guards

    i came to this forum because i want to ask what do people tend to do after leaving the infantry? i intend to do a full 22 years but you never know
  2. Private security work, 100 grand a year. Not me (I wish) but people I know.
  3. Comes down to what you want to do, or what your dad thinks you should do. Your choice fella
  4. Doing what exactly for that money and how long do you consider it sustainable? That amount of money sounds like a con from international aid.
  5. Riding round in an SUV with rich Arabs...

    Sustainable? Until the yanks leave Iraq I imagine...
  6. What a random post. What does that have to do with joining the REME or the guards?
  7. Yeah totally random, apart from that part where I addressed his post and answered his question...

    "i came to this forum because i want to ask what do people tend to do after leaving the infantry? i intend to do a full 22 years but you never know"
  8. I bet if you asked 1000 ex guards (after 22 years service) that you may find 1 or 2 that do "private security" work.
  9. I can see tons of opportunities in the CP line of work as an ex Gdsman. :roll:

    Do you visit this planet often?
  10. His post suggested that if it wasn't for him then what would be open to him if he left before 22. I'm sure if you asked 1000 ex guards that didn't do 22 you'll find more than 1 or 2.
  11. Possibly but certainly not drawing in six figure sums afforded to properly qualified former soldiers in that line of work. CP and security work is ten a penny and full of shady organisations who employ chaps with dubious quals and backgrounds. The higher echelon tend to only employ slightly more special individuals based on word of mouth and the usual networks. Unless of course you feel a member of the Foot Guards can offer something above and beyond? :roll:
  12. Sorry, it looks as though I derailed your thread. If you decide on REME would you consider avionics technician? I am not certain (so check if applicable) but avionics tech probably offers more outside job opportunities than aircraft tech.

    As for infantry, outside employment will probably vary massively depending upon your career/education path/choices while in.

    You could always join the guards and give it a couple of years. At that point it will probably still be possible to transfer to REME if you qualify. You will (almost certainly) not be able to transfer to the guards if you are a qualified air tech.
  13. what do you mean by qualify to trnasfer to the REME? like enough GCSEs?
  14. Do what you want to do, you'll be more motivated than doing something you're expected to do. I wouldn't bother doing the trade thing unless you've a real interest in it. These two paths you've highlighted are poles apart - REME tending towards working indoors and rarely leaving the base, and Inf getting out-and-about and going places. What are your edu quals (in general)?
  15. 12 GCSEs A* - C erm still at school with AS level but i hate it and want out as soon as possible

    i enquired about going to Harrogate or Winchester in about June this year but i was over the age limit for the january intake next year by 2 months (sucks) so decided to go onto sixth form at school then apply for a regular entry, but like i say i am having a terrible time at school at the minute and want out so i am starting an application for the army after the new year