Coldstream Guards Face the Axe

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. That's been happening for a long time.

    Rather than identify the real problems in defence spending and admitting they're a bunch of incompetent fucktards, it's a lot easier for the politicians to just sack everybody until there's nobody left in the army and we're still in debt.

    Bet whoever had the idea behind Bowman or the Chinook / Apache upgrades is still on a 6 figure salary and brought croissants on a silver tray in the morning. Things like that are the actual reason we have no money, not the mere existence of regiments.
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  2. Isn't it more likely that the Guards regiments will go the way of the Scottish and the Light regiments with each regt. simply becoming a company within a one battalion Regiment of Guards?
  3. Surely there are better ways to save money.
  4. Or, loose one battalion and form a 4 Battalion Regiment of Foot Guards
  5. Not a bad idea,

    HCR & HCMR for Donkey Wallopers.

    Regiment of Foot Guards & Ceremonial Regiment of Foot Guards for the Wooden Tops.

    3 Bns of RFG, 2 Bns of CRFG. The incrementals are binned.

    1 Coy of the CRFG could be a Scots Coy from the Royal Regt of Scotland based up in Edinburgh.
  6. Or the Irish and Welsh could find incremental companies and form a ceremonial battalion from the 4 incremental companies, which would leave 4 deployable battalions in the Foot Guards Regiment. It would also serve as a place for people to go who aren't going to make it in a operational battalion through things like injury.

    as this is the naafi arse bollocks wank tits shit
  7. I'm confident that this is just another scare story, or wind-up (possibly put about by the Gren Gds!). If there is going to be any cuts to the Foot Guards then the sensible place to do it should be with the incremental Coy's. Better them than formed, functional, deployable Inf Bn's.

    If any of the Inf Regt's are going to be in danger this time around then my money is on The Rifles and the RRS. I know that I'm stating the blindingly obvious, but both have 5 regular Bn's and its a lot easier for the MoD to chop one from each Regt than to consign the Coldstreamers to oblivion.

    I've also heard rumours that the 3rd Bn's of the Mercian & Yorkshire Regt's are equally in danger and, potentially, the Para Regt as well. Of the line Inf, I reckon that the R IRISH are probably safe, as they only have one regular Bn anyway.

    I have spoken to several Rock Ape SNCOs who work at Honnington and who all tell me that 1 RTR know that they are going and have pretty much resigned themselves to their fate.
  8. I did think that about the Rifles, when they formed.

    Marvelous, and true, Rifleman thinking to just get it over with and merge the four Regiments in to 5 Bns... but it is easier then to lose a Bn. ie 'You've got five, we've only got 2/3 Bns'.

    The Jocks formed their Regiment based more on geography but again it makes it easy to lose a Bn.
  9. Yeah, stop feeding, clothing and housing Muslim asylum seekers.
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the city of london should decide how many ceremonial regts they want to pay for, I cant say they are worth shit to the army strength besides coming up with stupid drill and looking 'pretty'.

    they gave them the sa80 first so we knew how to look pretty with it before we learnt how to fight with it (I use the term fight loosely)

    its not like they do any guarding, the yanks are amazed that the guns are empty and we have a squad of ninjas hanging around the back of buck house.

    every US embassy has a marine guard detatchment for security and looking pretty duties - maybe we can give them to the foreign office for similar.
  11. I think maintaining the regiment as a TA battalion is a good idea, rather than amalgamating it beyond all recognition or losing it totally - like what the Canadians do with the CGG and GGFG. Regiments are like whisky, once you start diluting it, it ceases to be whisky. However, when Herrick closes down and the lights get turned off in BAOR, we'll have a lot of blokes painting grass and polishing brasses, so expect more regiments to be axed. Again, it would be a good idea to keep them 'alive' as reserve units rather than let them perish - especially as Dr Fox has had a Really Great Idea about boosting the number of reservists. However, quite where he'll get them from is anyone's guess, but my money is on some bizarre regular redundancy/FTRS package. Who knows? We're living in strange times.
  12. The Marine Corps Security Group only have duties INSIDE the buildings of the US establishments abroad, mainly the protection sensitive information and equipment. They 'may' with permission, or in extreme circumstances, move outside the buildings to protect US citizens and minions.

    They rely on the local forces for external protection, and you don't usually find them stood 'at post'.

    Oddly whilst the USMC are the ones most commonly thought of in embassys, the US Army also has a WO MOS for work in embassys.
  13. Guards??? More like Guards or Gurkhas? I'll put my money on the Gurkhas going. They were good value when it was 2 Bn's for the price of 1 x UK Inf Bn. Now its 1 Bn for the price of 2 x UK Inf Bn's, whilst the Gurkha PR machine is cracking at putting out bollocks which reflects nothing like what they are like in the real world, I think the Guards PR machine will give them a good run for the money. Besides which, why would the taxpayer fund Nepalese over UK blokes. :eye:
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    didnt they add the locals recently though, I know it used to be they did point security work and the locals supplied their own coppers to keep it clean. same as we do.

    a friend was auditing brit embassies and the ambassador (female, in turkey or somewhere like that) had to keep going out in her dressing gown to bollock the security for leaving the gates open for the milkman and postie without checking anything for over an hour each morning.