Coldstream Guards 24hr 3 Peak Challenge for LCpl Wiggins

A team of runners from the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards will shortly be attempting to run the 24 hour 3 peaks Challenge. On the 12th of September 2008 the teams will start their challenge at Ben Nevis, moving onto Scafell and then finishing with Snowdon in 24 hours.

The aim of this challenge is to raise money for LCpl Simon Wiggins who was injured in a blast during the Battalions tour of Op Herrick 7 ( Afghanistan ) losing most of his right leg and suffering injuries to his body, hands and face.

More details are available by clikcing on the image below:
How's it being timed?

From base of Ben Nevis to peak of Snowdon or from peak to peak?

Did this after medical discharge and it was a doddle. Even with it as proof I couldn't get my medical board over-ruled. Lost 10% of my pension though.

Tell 'em to get a Justgiving page set up. I average writing a cheque once every 18 months now.
Will the PG Tips monkey be doing it with you?

I´ll donate an extra tenner if he does, and an extra tenner on top of that if "Disgruntled RSM" writes to soldier to express his displeasure at the PG Tips monkey reaching the top of all 3 peaks...

Maybe more if the disgruntledness is sufficient. :twisted:
Ref the Monkey ................ I have had it confirmed that he WILL be present and will be involved at various stages of the challenge for photo shoots.

Those who are indeed 'Disgruntled' about this should realise that the main aim is to raise money for a good cause and not to upset individuals :)

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