Coldstream Guard poster boy!

llech said:
Was perusing the interweb and this dashing chap came up, now has he been put into a tumble drier or did he not want a uniform that fitted?

It helps if the image works btw!
Can we assume it was a Gren? :wink:

For those who think thats a Gren, there is a hint in the collar dog and the buttons, daft cnuts.
My 8 year old son would fill that tunic better!!

The bloke looks about 17
Give him a few years and a couple of tours under his belt and he'd probably kick the living crap out of any p!sstakers.
Just a thought
brokerboy said:
Oi! 8O

I resemble that! I've been in for nearly 17 years and still look like a sack-of-sh!t-tied-in-the-middle ... admittedly I'm not in Guards div though...
paired buttons gives the game away gents

FFS, how on earth was he allowed on duty looking like that? admitedly i turned up in a state from time to time, but I'm a little suprised that his Drill Sgt let him anywhere near a public duty in that order.
looks a little short for a g'man as well..........
jarrod248 said:
Minnie_The_Minx said:
GrizzlyPanda said:
vvaannmmaann said:
Minnie_The_Minx said:
vvaannmmaann said:
Perusing the interweb looking for piccies of men in uniform?
Yes please. x
Dad is that you again?
Question is, would you like it to be 8O
Eeeoooww! Is this what you guys get up to?

I went out with someone once who told me he was a guardsman, which turned out to be true, he was always spread out on the sofa and repelled water. lmao
Fcuk off back under whichever rock you've crawled from under.
I call Chubb, what do I win?
chubb doesn't have the imagination to dream up a user name of more than one word!

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