Coldplay - hahaha!!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by eve1962, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. I like it when he tries to sing live. He simply can't hit the notes he does in the studio (after the umpteenth take). Live 8 and Glastonbury this year proved it. I do like some of their studio work though.
  2. :?

    The same idiot that said Live 8 was the biggest undertaking in the world, ever ( or some such ).

    And Coldplay are supposed to be

  3. Toilet paper.... the mirror that is ('twas the sun yesterday)

    As an old prog rock fan - I rather like Coldplay - not everyone's cup of tea. I've heard (read) a couple of rants on this forum - Bully springs to mind.

    Nevertheless, they're here to stay. I predict domination a la U2 for the next few years and I think I'm rather hedging my bets. They're far from being the finished article but coming along nicely. For them to get to number 1 in that many countries rather blows the theories of those journo's out of the water. After all it's the paying customer who put them there not some little twonk music journo who doesn't know his arrse from his elbow.

    Music is a very personal thing - if you don't like it, don't listen to it. It's a racing certainty that the eejits who write this muck like stuff that I would probably detest.
  4. Dull, dull, dull. Did I mention they're dull
  5. "coffee table rock"

    utter w@nk

    more life and soul in a mortuary.

    shame he didn't top himself.

    although if he did, no doubt his band mates would of produced some miserable f-ucking dirge to bore us all witless.
  6. Their music isn't my favourite - but it's just HIM .... Chris Martin .... just gets right on my nerves. So up himself.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This is the man (Chris Martin) who said: "I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world."

    What a knob. I suppose EMI have no shareholders, and he has no money invested anywhere? He presumably considers all those with money invested in shares via pension funds, ISAs, PEPs, in savings and bank accounts, etc., (e.g. everyone) is evil.

    Again, what a knob. His music is dull too. Radiohead are more lively, and Leonard Cohen less depressing.
  8. Cant stand him or his music, pretentious twat..
  9. At least it's real music with real guitars, bass & drums.

    Given that most of the modern music these days has a computer programmer as a member of the band. Or that some little jessie boy with a poofy haircut is the frontman.

    Get rid of your prejudices and listen!

    Am I the only one who likes them - tell me what you like so that I can do a similar 'job' on them.

    I agree that they're overhyped, but only by an audience wanting some proper music in a scene dominated by such utter cr@p. Oh to be back in the 70's where the mighty floyd was king.
  10. With you there. At Glastonbury he said anyone who thought the whole Live 8 thing was cynical was a fecking d1ckhead. Pot, Kettle, radio check....Live 8 for him was all about needy people and nothing to do with global exposure and sales thereafter. Cynical me?
  11. Whistler wrote

    Haven't heard a 'prog' element in Coldplay's stuff, in structure or virtuoso playing. That piano figure in their first single wouldn't tax a pre grade 1 but I'll leave aside the music. I don't recall any prog grandees (most are still around doing very well thank you) being quite so precious in interviews. Ian Anderson or Rick Wakeman for example wouldn't indulge public displays of self pity or telling politicians what to do.

    Jimmy Page? Stress?
  12. Agreed, mostly, Seadog.

    But as I said earlier, they are still a work in progress. The musical ability improvement between the latest album and this one is pretty good. The lead guitarist and drummers in particular have mastered their respective arts.

    But prog rockers not telling politicians what to do - never heard of Roger Waters?

    I'm not getting away from the point the Martin is up himself - there is no doubt of that and as soon as he learns that the better.
  13. so whistler ... "the mighty Floyd" ... more pretentious university "rock"

    dont suppose the kaiser chiefs, the magic numbers, the white stripes, the bravery, the killers, or any of the current crop of superb bands float your boat ... hardly electronic OR boy band

    i mean .. f*ck me, the magic numbers must have a combined all up weight of 20 metric tonnes.

    i saw Floyd at the live 8 concert .... distinctly average.
  14. I know a wah when I see one.

    They were well received, not bad for a bunch of old gits who hadn't played together for over 25 years. You probably didn't like The Who either. Do some research and you'll find just who has been influenced by the Floyd. I don't understand what you mean by university rock, is it a snobbery (or anti-snobbery) thing?

    I've heard all of the bands you list (bar The Bravery) and they don't do anything for me, it's this rap thing. After the hype of The Killers on Live 8 - they didn't impress me, absolutely no originality.

    I guess it's an age thing.

    As I implied earlier, we've all got different musical tastes. I've been collecting for longer than I care to remember, over 30 years and saw more than 60 concerts (one of the benefits of being posted to Germany). But there is a huge anti-Coldplay lobby, it's almost as trendy as the pro-coldplay lobby.

    Apologies for the delay, I started typing and got distracted by work!