Cold Weather - what are your coping mechanisms?

Embrace the cold. One of life’s greatest pleasures is washing your hands in cold water on a freezing morning.
Soups, stews and a warm missus in knitwear keeping you warm while you hibernate. What more could you want?
The only pleasure is sticking you hands in your armpits, and dreaming of kicking the cunt in the nuts!
Canned Heineken is better than a good English Ale?

You clearly have final stage syphilis.

That's dedicated shagging.
I didnt say canned Heineken was better I said "only canned Heinekeni" indicating a lack of choice.

Syphilis? How very odd.
It can get really cold in hot places like Hawaii too. I saw an old war documentary about it the other day and some guy said there was a nip in the air.


Currently in Aksai where temp is now a balmy -4 which is a lot better than -14 last week. A strong northerly wind drops the temperature at the rig severely and we are glad of insulated PPE and Russian tank drivers fur hats under hard hats. Talking to Newfie colleagues who arrived on hitch this morning they report snow drifts of 17-20 feet in St. Johns and wind speeds in excess of 100 knots. They will have snow in their yards until July.
(hey, had to trudge into to school in snow, half my height almost)
Where about in Michigan did you allegedly go to school.
It was -5 deegrees F here today -15c. It's now 0 F nearly -18c. T-shirts tomorrow though, temp is going up to 2 degrees F
Rum and lots of it.


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A balmy 2C here in London!
Cold , Frosty morning here in central Scotland , with more of the same coming (well it's fucking January , what the fuck do we expect),keeping the inside doors closed is the answer to conserving heat, now if I could just get my grandkids to shut the fucking doors after them I wouldn't be so fucking grumpy... but it does keep the temperature inside about 18c, which is nice
2 weeks today the annual scoot down to the Algarve in the MOHo, 7 days behind the wheel , and 3 weeks on site followed by about 14 day drive back up , and my gardens will need a bit of TLC when we get back
currently, it is wet in Albufeira, 0600hrs and 10 C my mucker already there reckons it's still T shirts and shorts daily , at about18C but raining most days (wet season, coldish at night) but should be getting really nice by the time we get there

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