Cold Weather Supplements

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by morphine, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Do present day QMs still have the resources to provide bedding straw, rum etc on local purchase during extreme winter conditions. Or is the present day kit capable of handling extreme tempreatures.
  2. 8O

  3. Rum? Alcohol makes you colder. It dilates blood vessels in your skin, which makes you feel warmer, but loses heat much quicker. Straw? Do we not have Arctic sleeping bags these days?
  4. No we don't have arctic sleeping bags, the same slugs are supposed to be used for CWW despites cold spots and the bag being massive and shite. Also CWW clothing doesn't include softie jackets, you're still supposed to use your wooly pully and smoking jacket. The ECW hats have started to be made from fake fur rather than fibre pile so they are even bigger and crapper! It ok though 'cos the IPT said so!!!
  5. Softies are issued; the OG/sand jacket has been given to those off to the desert for about a year now. Some decent gloves would be nice, though; those leather ones are cr@p at keeping heat in.
  6. Was Sharpe your fucking QM?
  7. RQMS speaks to MTWO and hey presto

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  8. During the early 80's. 1980's I hasten to add, rum was issued to us more than once whilst on Soltau in Jan/Feb/Mar, great stuff it was too, like treacle, only later did we find out it was s'posed to be watered down!
  9. Dished out many a time on Ex Flying Falcon during the 80's - worked wonders for morale if nothing else - especially when it was minus lots of degrees and you'd just been on the road for a few hours in your FV436 etc.