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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank_6275, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. As a first tour im doing an ftrs in bosnia just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for any non issue cold weather kit that would be better than anything i would get issued
  2. also any suggestions for a cold weather pair of boots
  3. PM'd you.
  4. replied accordingly
  5. helly hanson lifa thermals

    the ubiquatus (ignore spelling on that one) softie jacket

    angelina jollie to keep you warm in your doss bag at night
    (anyone got the NSN for her? :) )
  6. LOWA boots, Lowe Alpine soft hat, Lifa thermals
  7. Does anyone have any experience of the Tiso brand, or any other brand of microfleece, are they any good or just a waste of money/material?

    Also what about keeping the legs warm, any clothing that can be worn with confidence of warmth and mobility, but not getting heat exhastion, from bombing about the Mournes (or other UK eqivilant mountain range).
    Keeping in mind that its not overly possible to remove and put on long Johns, over boots. And its a big waste of time tkaing you boots on and off everytime you stop for a few hours especially in tactical conditions.


  8. Having read other threads about female suing MOD after not getting issued correct size boots surprised yr not just going for the frostbite early retirement option. :roll: Glad to see a few squaddies still willing to take responsibility for themselves..........

    Echo DutyBooty comments.....
  9. any particular model of lowa boots or are they all fairly similar.
  10. also have a highlander softie at the moment which i bought after a cold experience on a first exercise as a recruit with my unit. any other suggestions of decent softies or buffalo jackets as i think my current softie may not be up to the climate of bosnia if its as cold as they say it is
  11. Could get another pair of trousers add zips to the legs voila 2 layers and easy on without boots off.
  12. For cold weather boots, take a shufti at Lundhags they're excellent. As for cold legs, invest in some bivvy trousers, they have zips on the legs so that they'll go over your boots and strides.
  13. While were asking about cold weather kit, has anybody seen a big pile of it laying around?
    We have just been told that there is not enough cold weather kit to issue to our unit for Winter Repair in Canada because it has been mis-placed.

    Greeeeeat news.
  14. Hey lads,

    Thanks for the advice. Bivvy trousers sound good, Any place that does them in British DPM?

    Plus, what are the best bits of cold weather kit you guys have, except for the infamous softie jacket!


  15. Quickie question whilst I think of it:

    Regarding Snugpak jackets, what's the practical difference between the different versions, apart from price? Obviously the more expensive ones are 'better' but since the coldest I'm going to be for a while is Sennybridge in Jan, do I need the all singing and dancing one, bearing in mind I'm trying to keep the weight down...