Cold War: Who won?

It's generally accepted that we won WW2 - but the price was hundreds of thousands killed, our cities burned to the ground, our empire lost and debt up to our eyeballs. We avoided an even worse scenario, but that's all. Nobody ever really wins in war.
Who won? The US.

Shame they seem so intent on losing the aftermath, but that's what happens when you take your eye off the ball.
Perhaps not so much who won, as who benefitted. People like Czechs and Poles certainly benefitted. Also perhaps it is to early to say who has won. Well, certainly in the military sense the Warsaw Pact blinked first and packed toys back in bag, but there are still many issues to be resolved. I think the question can be answered in another 50 years
I'm not entirely convinced that the world has become a better place since the end of the Cold War. It's nice not to live under the threat of (imminent) nuclear holocaust, but that aside I think that during the CW Western society was more stable, enjoyed more liberties and a better balance between capitalism and social democracy.

America won the CW and promptly squandered the victory. The enduring winners are a small number of corporations, oligarchs and political elites.

The Czechs, Poles and other former Warsaw Pact client states are no doubt glad to be rid of the baleful Soviet influence, but personally I preferred the CW era.
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Nobody won the cold war as such, the cold war was dismantled by amicable mutual agreement based on world politics at the time.

It could be argued that both superpowers (Russia & USA) came to a conclusion that it was costing them a arm and a leg to sustain (since end of WW2) and the fact that if any one superpower decided to attack the other it would have started World War3.

The end of the cold war was a great morale victory for world peace at the time.
If we had won the Cold War, there wouldn't be tons of drunken Russians cluttering up the beaches on the Med and Red Sea.
Yeah, but just think what great employment they'll give to dermatologists and skin cancer specialists in 30 years time when the lobsters realise that the Sun is a bit hotter in the med than Moscow, apart from last years nightmare.
The Chinese, and they weren't even really involved. But they sure as hell have taken the spoils. The Russian economy is in the hands of a few oligarchs, the Western economies are in the crapper and the bits in between never really got going.
The Chinese own our debt, make our goods and still outgun everyone else put together, if you believe that quantity has a quality all it's own.
Clearly Germany and Japan won the Cold War, in the space of 50 years they were rebuilt by the West from literally ruins and today are major economic powers. Their secondary industry really is astonishing and it is ironic that whilst Germany has become the main player in Europe, we somehow lost our way! Rover or Audi anyone?....
Nobody won the Cold War. We all lost, but some people haven't realised that yet.
I did and I've got an entire cave stashed with tins of compo boilies to prove it, too.

No I'm not sharing them, either.

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