Cold war style gamesmanship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by still21inmymind, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. I bet the USAF fighter mafia are glad to be back in business and able to tout their new $700m fighter as the perfect counter to 1950s Soviet technology.
  2. MMM i wonder if the SOXMIS cards will be issued again lol.
  3. Would it be a little tinfoil hat to perhaps think that the USAF sponsored the 'DAMM COMMIES' 8O
  4. IIRC the Med is a bit shallow for Sub ops.
  5. Ah good, lets get back to a proper enemy...
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. :( You are correct, the object is to have a warm water base in Syria no one can stop them from leaving and entering the Med, they are re building their naval forces and air force, maybe it will keep Putin in power for some time, the public support a strong leader and Putin is building up the Russian forces after their previous cutbacks. Russia now has money from oil, gas, it will bring employment to build the weapons their forces need to show the Bear is up. Things like the Breakup of the Soviet Union, the forced cut back in their forces hurt their pride. don't forget Putin was a spy and is very clever, you do not become the leader in Russia today by being a nice person you climb on the skulls of others.He needs the backing of the Senior members of the armed forces. So a warm water port is needed to allow the navy to operate all year round. After the sinking of the Kusk and all the blame, remember Putin took the flack, they are now building BIG subs to show their strength. What a show of strength sailing on the surface of the Med passing Gib. with all the sightseers, how to wind up the U.S.& when their subs dive and have to be shadowed 12 month of the year, come up in the ice of the poles, and cover the globe carrying warheads and other types of weapons. Anyway this is only my thoughts on what is going to happen. I hope i will be proven wrong as there is enough trouble in the world without Russia stirring it up, also I don't think Russia will ever forgive the U.S. for helping the war against them in Afganistan (weapon supplies and more,) strange things how it has gone the full circle, and U.K. is involved, with the loss of British Forces, So I hope I will be proved wrong. :( If Russia fires missiles from their subs to show their are back in business for the public all over the globe to see on their T.V.s we will back to cold war days 8O 8O 8O

  8. Russia may be able to take on the US, especially while it's locked into Iraq and Afganistan but it's not going to be able to handle everyone including the US.
  9. Never doubt Russia. That's what Napolean and Hitler did, check your history 8)

  10. It does, well, for someone who is old, make you wonder where this world is going. :?
  11. yes they are too be feared ... when now they think Typhoo with a gun! that would be nice ...... !