cold-war stay-behind group implicated in Turkey killings

It is a story that has set Turkey abuzz with rumour and speculation.

At its heart is an ultra-nationalist gang known as Ergenekon, exposed when 33 of its alleged members were seized in a police raid in late January.

The claims widely reported in the Turkish press ever since read like a thriller.

They allege the gang was plotting to bring down the government.

It is claimed their plan was to assassinate a string of Turkish intellectuals, including Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, fomenting chaos and provoking a military intervention in 2009.

A "menu" of targets had already been drawn up and a hitman hired when the police swooped, according to the daily Hurriyet.

Sabah newspaper linked the gang to the recent murder of three Protestant Christians and Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.
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Shades of the Gladio stuff that got picked up in Italy in the '90s.
From Todays Zaman Wanted: Backers of Ergenekon
The suspects arrested by the court on Saturday included Küçük, a retired general who is also the alleged founder of a secret intelligence unit in the gendarmerie, the existence of which is denied by officials; controversial ultranationalist lawyer Kemal Kerinçsiz, who filed countless suits against Turkish writers and intellectuals who were at odds with Turkey's official policies; Fikret Karada?, a retired army colonel who also heads the Association for the Union of Patriotic Forces (VKGB); Sevgi Erenerol, the press spokesperson for a group called the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate; Sami Ho?tan, a key figure in the Susurluk investigation; Hüseyin Görüm; Hüseyin Gazi O?uz; and O?uz Alparsalan Abdülkadir. The arrested are facing charges of inciting people to armed revolt against the government.
Turkish military up to its old tricks. The story is littered with shady retired senior officers.

Zaman has more deep state background in Gladio, Turkish Counter-Guerilla and Ergenekon, a devilish trio
“Terror is an unbelievably strong means to manipulate and frighten the population,” Ganser underlines. “The real victims of a terrorist attack are not those left dead -- the real victims are those people who are affected by becoming afraid. The public [will then] ... turn to the state to ask for greater security.” Several Italian sources have confirmed this, among them Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a convicted right-wing terrorist who himself took part in this so-called “tension strategy” in which terror was manipulated to influence the political climate. “This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened,” Vinciguerra says.

It can be the state itself or a private group of people who try to force the government to act according to their will, to legitimize a war, for example, Ganser explains, adding that he “could well imagine” that Ergenekon is a kind of successor organization of the Turkish Counter-Guerilla of those days. “We know that these groups recruited heavily among the Turkish Grey Wolves [a youth group linked to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)],” he states. “As long as this original phenomenon is not fully examined, its subsequent structures will remain [a mystery], too.”

He also says he would “not be surprised” if some of the attacks allegedly perpetrated by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are later revealed to have been the work of some clandestine Turkish organizations to legitimize Turkish military intervention. “Terror is a very powerful weapon for constructing enemies,” Ganser emphasizes.
Some may think Ganser is one of the tin foil hatted tendency but anybody who knows about the history of terrorism in Turkey, Algeria or even France won't be eager to discount that a strategia della tensione might have been in play.

Ergenekon are reported to have been planning to exploit some assets in a PKK splinter faction TAK in terrorist attacks. You'd have to bear in mind that the Turkish military approaches fevered lunacy of the Pakistani officer corps. Fly fishing and a spot of gardening what these chaps do in retirement.

Ganser wrote Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe. Operation Gladio was linked to various groups of far right nutters including the ODESSA Nazi ratlines, Operation Condor, the Taksim Square massacre and most notably the 1980 Bologna Massacre in which 85 people were murdered. It's unwise to rely on nutters; they invariably follow their warped own agenda rather than the clients.

It's worth bearing in mind that AQ are also a bunch of ultra reactionary loons that started out as fervent opponents of Godless communism. They still have intimate ties with the Saudi and Pakistani military. Via these channels they once had a distant relationship with the CIA. That they happen also to be Muslim tends to obscure the nature of the beast.

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