Cold War Stash Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Just seen on the BBC here

Officials believe the stash, discovered during a structural inspection, may be one of many created in the US in the 1950s amid fears of a nuclear war.

How long before genuine 'Cold War Crackers' are found on eBay? ;-)

Edited for being a typing mong
The thing that worries me or doesn't really worry me because I'm never going across the Brooklyn Bridge is that it's taken almost fifty years to find this. The bridge has been inspected before or not? So they delved a bit deeper this time perhaps looking for Mafia hit victims usually found in foundations.

I'm glad they built it, I'm safe in here taking a drink from my empty water drum, eating a mouldy cracker and playing hangman on another NOK tag, still they didn't find MY stash.
Agreed, I would ask what did the previous surveyors do. Then again maybe they knew it was there and decided it was a secret that needed to be kept until now..

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