Cold War RTS - Wargame European Escalation

Discussion in 'Tabletop Gaming & RPG' started by instinct, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Link to the website is here

    It has SLR's and everything!!! Why hasnt this been noticed yet?

    I have been playing the multiplayer BETA for a few days now and honestly love this to death.

    Minimum base building, fuel and ammo resuply needed and to succed you need to use your head with an all arms force not just "all tanks point that way go".

    Honestly the best RTS i have played in ages.
  2. Because SLRs are shite?
  3. blasphemer!
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Just got this and its not bad! Has a few niggles, such as the german units speak german - Well yes, you might say, very authentic. But when you are trying to get a kraut panzer platoon to attack the russians, it would be nice to be able to understand that they have run out of fuel, rather than Herr Smitt gobbing off in German.

    Like i said though, its good, difficult and likely to keep me amused for quite some time :) I wonder, can i have a medal for playing it?
  5. I getting into this, the poor para's inserted via Lynx to take a town took a whipping with 80 killed by what appearead to be one small german unit.

    Still, persisted when said small German unit took out my 4 Saracens.

    Finally defeated them with artillery, I thought I was supposed to cause minimum damage.

    Still, nice 2 hours of gameplay to take all the positions on one map in a pincer movement with tanks protected by vulcans and arty and a couple of cobra's.

    I think its a nice solid platform, graphics are good, gameplay is good, maps are large and I recon it will have longevity through mods when needed!
  6. Whats an SLRs?
  7. I am playing it great game surging forward with my troops is enough to make me want to break out my SOC's. My own gripe is the British Inf are a bit shite in their Saracens and Spartans. Do you ever un lock warrior?
  8. SLR was pump it didn't even look cool. Posting long articles on the site is a combat indicator of the terminally dull on this site.
  9. Just a quick bump to say this is half price in the steam sale. £14.99 and its all yours. Alcohol dependancy and morbidly obese, unfaithful German wife not included
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  10. Another bump to say its really good and recommended for any RTS fans looking for something different
  11. Forget that half price steam sale, because currently the game is on a Steam 'flash sale'.
    Simply put : it's £7.49. Which is damn sight better than the £29.99 RRP.
    As of this being typed the deal has just over eleven hours left on it.
    (yes I know marketing ploys like this are fantastic at making us end up buying a tonne of stuff... but... :))
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  15. Does it have an ipad version