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Cold War Photos.

Training recruits for service in Afghanistan, Soviet-style..

The warrant officer (praporshick) bawls out the other recruits who are laughing 'cos the guy in the trench pissed himself. The warrant points out that he tossed the grenade and got the job done...

I recall reading of US troops reorging after a contact of some kind in WW2 I think. Two of the senior NCOs were in fits because they had pissed theselves.


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Memories of Saracens in Support Troop RWY



Has anyone got photos of Waterloo Barracks in Munster??
Chock and chain, the horror, I had spent years repressing that, you utter utter ****...


The worst things to load on a flatbed?
Stollies. They turned far more than a tracked vehicle and you had to forever shunt them forward and back again when confronted with a bend in the line-up of the flatbeds. Not fun when you're a) nervous and b) some twat is pushing you to get yer digit out...


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I think we may have shared a room, albeit not at the same time (me 92-94) as that view of the LAD, A Veh wksps and the POL point is very familiar!
84 - 87 sprog

It was HQ Sqn during my time. IIRC first floor above the Bradbury centre.
10th November 1989 at Checkpoint Charlie, The end of the cold war.

84 - 87 sprog

It was HQ Sqn during my time. IIRC first floor above the Bradbury centre.

Yeah, that’s the one. HQ Sqn in my day still, we (LAD) came under HQ Sqn for admin. We got hoyed out in late 93 for refurbishment, and had to move down to 7 Sigs. My room mate was a Recy Mech, and the entire LAD flat, kit, furniture and all, moved down on a 20 ton Tasker trailer behind a Foden wrecker.

Probably full of Syrians now, hope they’re keeping up with the block job rota!

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