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Cold War Photos.

Been trying to upload some of these for a few days but the photos are too large. Anyway, had a play on Sunday which gave me access to Centurion Mk XII Waterloo which has been restored from a scrap yard.


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ffs, you will be asking me what the 39 Steps are next. As it happens, I can remember: 1983. stinking hot in S Germany, moves on the range road had vehicle spacing of 100 to 200m to give the drivers visibility, I can still taste the fine white dust
Not @Truxx troop then but mine lifting your ammo - I have some photos of all our Mk IIIs lined up in the ammo compound having driven down from Duisburg.
Wah shield up

Wasn’t that method of pointing introduced so as not to offend any Gurkhas who might be present?

Quite possibly, Gurkhas naturally point with their chin.

Brotherton Lad

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And in all that time you never saw the NVA's own "Wolfgang" in the Letzlinger Heide?

We had a chap (a Forstmeister in his traditional greens) called Mannfred who knew where we slept in the woods and would turn up for a quiet chin-wag at breakfast time.

Brotherton Lad

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Mannfred had lived in West Berlin but chose one night in August 1961 to visit his mother in East Berlin. By the morning, he was stranded in the east as the Wall went up. At some point he chinned a VoPo and went to prison.

He was understandably not a fan of the DDR and would tell us what was likely to happen on the nearby training area in the next couple of weeks.

Friendly bloke, just getting his own back.

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