Cold war nuclear weapons storage and the US-UK joint release agreement.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by GLOCK09, Aug 15, 2010.

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  2. Special weapons were not held at Machrihanish.
  3. No nukes, as I recall. But Aurora? Well, that may be a different story.

  4. Our great concern was to keep the US involved in our defence. No soviet leader would have fallen for the "These bombs only came from Britain" line so any launch from the UK would have involved retaliation against the US. This actually left the Americans in a weaker position than us since a British unilateral launch would have brought America into the nuclear war even if she didn't want to without the "16th missile" option. I'd suggest we were shafted when we bought Trident [and therefore we shafted ourselves] which I don't believe we can launch without US assistance and therefore approval.
  5. why ever they were there I doubt they were stagging on. Seems a waste, especially when we have units like the RAF regt and Commachio who specialise in just that.

  6. Your belief is incorrect. Yes, Trident is dependent on the US for spares - but that doesn't give them launch approval - and the submarines have GPS positioning which the Yanks can turn off - but they also have other methods for knowing where they are.
  7. I stand corrected, assuming any of us on this sight has access to the complete picture.
  8. The twin US bases at RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk were normally closely linked with the mention of US nuclear storage during the Cold War.

    Rumour is that they had the tippity top secret storage facilty underneath the runway which housed a number of nukes that the UK government were unaware of.

    IIRC, I'm sure that some ex USAF personel even came out and publicly admitted to Bentwaters storing nukes, but these were the same USAF guys that were dead certain that ET had crashed his spaceship into their perimeter fence on Xmas night 1980.
  9. All nuclear weapons used within NATO were subject to the Tri-MNC NWRP (classified CTSA), this included UK tactical wpns of RAF and RN. Of course unilateral US use in the European theatre of their weapons based in Europe (or elsewhere) is an interesting question.

    However, the rules for storage of all nucs in Europe was detailed in ACE Directive 80-60, SACLANT of course was a MNC and hence a peer of ACE but I assume they followed the same regs.

    US wpns held in a SAS Site at St Mawgan for use by NATO forces would be subject to all the normal rules, for wpns provided to non US NATO forces ie US custodians responsible inside the site perimeter, host/user nation forces outside the perimeter.
  10. Wanna bit of mil trivia? SSA - if they existed, of course - would be licensed to store special weapons. However, you could not store ball ammunition there.