Cold War music

I'm organising a Cold War themed party and would like some opinions on suitable music. I'm looking for songs which have a Cold war theme or references, such as Elvis Costello's Oliver's Army with the bit about checkpoint charlie. It shouldn't be just a 45-92 greatest hits! Any ideas out there?
99 red balloons-Nena

Barry Mcguire - Eve of destruction

Universal soldier (can't remember who did it)

editeed to add

Eighth day - Hazel O'conner


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[quote="ROO_HEAD"Games without Frontiers - don`t recall who sung it.[/quote]

Peter Gabriel.

Okie from Muskogie (but it's more of a Nam thing)
when the wind blows - david bowie.

you could get a powerpoint projector - and just play the film on a wall as background entertainment - or Threads. no sound, just pics

I organised a Burns Night - pipers the lot, and had Carry On up the Khyber playing in the background - worked a treat
Enola Gay - OMD

We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox

Russians - Sting (that'll get 'em jiggin'.......errr....well, maybe not)

Breathing, by Kate Bush.

Bit `kin depressing for a party though

Mutually Assured Destruction Gillan (As in Ian Gillan)

Cant remember the band,but track is called Warfair ,and it`s on the Kerrang Compilation that came out about 1995.

Blood on the streets of Dallas-Dead Kennedys (I think)

It appears memeory is not as it should be


99 Red Balloons by Nena has to be the top choice. I remember it being very poignant at the time.

19 by Paul Hardcastle has periferal relevance, in a domino theory sort of way.

Lastly, what about Killing an Arab by the Cure?

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