Cold war military food depots?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jim30, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know where the nine military food depots were located in the cold war that held compo rations?

    Am doing some research into continuity of government, and the current lead implies that these depots held stores for the government groups which would have been dispersed around the UK for survival purposes. Any ideas as to where the depots were would be gratefully received.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, there was certainly a network of food stores around the UK. Usually near a major rail line, they were large, brick-built edifices. There was one near Guildford, ISTR; I'll look it up when I get a chance. I don't recall their being strictly Compo, but holding frozen stuff as well.

    Compo would have been held in normal Stores and Depots, of which there were certainly a lot.

    Edited to add - yes, the campbell book has them listed. Also, see here: Subterranea Britannica: Research Study Group: Features
  3. Buffer Stores? There was one near Topcliffe, Duncan Campbell's 'War Plan UK, has them listed. Not sure if they held Compo or basic ingredients ie flour, fat, sugar etc,
  4. You ask Sppetznez,sure thay knew
  5. Without being entirely funny, probably in the same warehouses that Mule shoes are kept.

    The MOD are almost as careful with the taxpayer's money as the rest of the civil service. Who I have found to be rarely civil and never provided a service.
  6. A quick telephone call to Ensleigh in Bath should give you a starting point. Doubtless the organisation has been retitled, but it used to rejoice in the title of ST 82B, part of what was then DGST(N), and the desk that used to run Tri-Service War Planning was usually tied to the Army. Hope this helps.
  7. There was a food depot close to my house where I grew up in Lostock Hall, Lancashire. It was several large brick warehouses and had a small sign declaring it to be a LUKWA(?) depot on the gate. It also has an EWS on site as well. It, ironically, was next to the British Legion. It was shut down and the land sold off for housing at the end of the cold war.
  8. Do you live at Dale Farm? Are you an SQMS who used to collect up uneaten Compo to take home?

    Go shopping like everyone else, from Waitrose to Lidl there's something to suit every pocket. There's no need to raid cold-war emergency stores :wink:
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  9. Thanks guys - don't think this is MAFF with the buffer stores. Reference suggests that there were military facilities which held the stores as part of wider compo holdings - just trying to guess where this would have been. I'm guessing its long gone, but I'm fairly sure its not the MAFF stores which had a slightly different role.
  10. EWS? You were not supposed to see that and it certainly isn't wise to mention such things on an open web site. The reason they had a gate and fences was to keep prying eyes out.
  11. Brotherton Lad

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    Emergency Water Supply?
  12. EWS? Emergency Water Supply?

    We wouldn't want the Red Menage to have known about a manky pond full of civvys' bikes pinched down town & bits of ammunition found after FFE/declarations done :wink:
  13. TSK! C'mon guys its a quiet Sunday afternoon here in Lak Sao, I was just having a bit of fun.
  14. Brotherton Lad

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    Red Menage.

    I like that.