Cold War era in Europe games

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by RNMAMULL, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Recently i was looking for a game that encompassed the Cold War era in Europe.There isnt a lot out there sadly.However,untill Matrix games release the Modern Wars Vol1 and 2(Platoon/Troop level)i did find some excellent games covering that time and area.Ok these games are NOT some Graphics orgy,the games are of the "traditional" wargame style.Its a marmite thing,love it or hate it.The games are great,requiring some thought.They both come with a shed load of scenarios/Campaigns,also both have mission/campaign editors so you can knock up your own missions.They are from HPS Simulations,a US based company but i ordered mine through their UK distributor and they arrived the day after i ordered them by registered post.The games are:

    North German Plain.
    Danube Front.
    They also make one called Fulda Gap.

    They also have Squad level games.

    They also make one called Fulda Gap.Check their website out.
  2. Got the three games, one game can play the whole of Germany more or less. The AI isnt fantastic, but can give a hard game. Found trying to take Berlin a nightmare.
  3. Have you got the patches and Volcanoes new Art work for them?
  4. Got the patches, no new art work. Liked the vietnam squad battles, after the op sealion
  5. Try World in Conflict (ish)

    Does Harpoon fit within your criteria?

    I'll dig through the boxes since I know I have a few.
  6. What about Steel Panthers MBT, free download.
  7. Also codename panzers cold war