Cold war early warning stations

I was taking a look at Greenland on Google Earth yesterday and found some place marks in the middle of nowhere. These led to the following links, all about the DEW (Distant Early Warning) Lines stations. The ones in Greenland were fantastic engineering feats and the pictures shown make a winter tour in Bos appear positively tropical.

Dig into these sites:

Pictures on here:

Hats off to the civvy contractors manning these. Oh, and take a look at the pictures of the abandoned stations taken in 2006. And they say that the ice cap in Greenland is shrinking!!
I've got an old book "the Artic front" all about the war up in Greenland
during WW2 with both side trying to establish long range weather forcasting stations etc very interesting book if you fancy a read drop me a PM and I'll pop it in the post

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