Cold war documentary

The little gem below leads me to believe that more Cold War documentaries are needed, especially among the 'reporters' of the Daily Mail

Daily Mail said:
Hero pilot averted air show disaster after co-pilot hit throttle of WWII bomber by mistake
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:19 PM on 08th September 2009
Comments (0) Add to My Stories A retired RAF pilot was hailed a hero today after he wrestled a World War II bomber away from a crowd of spectators and houses when the giant aircraft accidentally took off at an air show.
The giant Victor bomber - named Teasin' Tina - was only supposed to taxi down the runway and stop for a photoshoot before returning to the hangar.
Link (but may not stay uncorrected for long)
Whatever happened to sub-editors?
Already gone...


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Olympius said:
Not sure if anyone has seen this

Bloody hilarious, KGB spies counting lights on in Whitehall after 9pm to try and determine whether Britain was preparing for nuclear war,

Watch an discuss.
This story was on telly a year or two back. Andropov (head of KGB) took over when Brezhnev died. Spent his career trying to prove that the West were going to attack. Now in overall control, this sick old manorders even more time devoted to it. Ex Able Archer 83 comes along and finally all the years of watching "prove" to him that Able Archer is really a pre-emptive first nuclear strike and the world is within seconds of Armageddon.

Not helped when separately, the Soviet "mainframe" detection system spots "missile launches" along the USA's missile belt which turn out to be the setting sun reflecting off high clouds over the missile belt. Colonel in charge ignores the klaxon and the lights (only because, had the Septics launched a pre-emptive strike, it would have been every bird in the arsenal at once, not one every five minutes) urging an immediate all-out retaliation. Gets the boot for using his initiative and saving the world.

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