cold war 2 - china


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Long term strategy - Learn Mandarin.


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the chinese have numerated their language I can have a long conversation with my local population based the numbers 41, 32, 15, chips and 98
So what we buy loads of shit off china unless the new afghan plan is to steal the poppy harvest and flog it in shanghai. so we can afford loads of ipads
( hey it worked last time :))
I cant see this effecting us much.
Although attempting to flogg astue class subs or that spiffy new perseus concept missile to all of chinas increasingly pissed off neighbours.
Seems a good idea.
China move to within two-years of submarine-launched nuclear weapons, according to US reports | Mail Online

are we going to bother with this one now we have nothing out there to protect other than joecivvie?

we can flog the nukes to canada/stralia and save a few bob on housing them once scotland is kicked out the union
Well given that China now owns most of the rest of the world through loans of one sort or another, little to worry about there then.

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I imagine China are quite content with the way things are going. At the risk of thinking differently China may be upgrading their capability so they can defend their interests out of concern of how the US acts when they start losing their power.

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