Cold turkey VS the occasional snout

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Civi_Git, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Right , im hoping someone can tell me what the crack is here , i have a question :

    What medically is the script with having the odd fag - 2 or three a week , or maybe 4 or 5 when I have a drink at the weekend , compared to not having any at all . Ive packed in the smoking for the new year , and im one for those annoying folk that can be perfectly happy not smoking for days as long as i dont go for a booze . Ive not touched the fags since new years day , but ive had a couple of vodka s the night , and i really feel the urge to smoke , not get the nicotine down me , but actaully sit with a smoke in hand and enjoy the physical act of smoking.

    So , whats the deal ? If you only smoke occasionally , will you still clear the majority of crap out your lungs , or will that sly fag now and again keep all the tar and 'Orrible shite stuck in your chest? Cause at present im wanting to start running or doing some kind of cardio to get fit , since at the moment id spew my guts out running half a mile , after years of smoking boozing and sitting in a comfy chair at work , with nothing to get me exercising . Im sure wrapping smoking altogether is more benficial , but what are the real gains to be made ? Is there an uber difference?

    Im sure you lot can elighten me , cheers in advance :D
  2. I am a non smoker, however I have an occasional cigar (read 3 or 4) during / after a mess doo. For about 2 days afterwards I am in clip order with regards to running around etc. I don't know how bad it is if you are a habitual smoker.
  3. A close friend of mine, exact same age (46) give or take a day or two, is a 3 fags a day man while I'm on a couple of packets. He was a fitness fanatic until a few weeks ago when he couldn't get up out of his chair and was subsequently diagnosed with lung cancer. :(
  4. Right well i dunno if i pointed that out or not , but ive smoked for the past 5 years (20 coming onto 21 now) and i quit for 6 months , but went on holiday and fell back on the bandwagon via dirt cheap fags + booze abroad
  5. Mate my addy is initially is cut down on your alcohol intake completely for the first few days. I stopped smoking on xmas day - I have been trying to quit for years but I am determined to suceed owing to personal family reasons..

    The first question you should ask yourself - do I really want to give up?

    That fact is its no good for you, if you smoke 1 or 21000 a day you are still polluting yourself. I have the occassional beer or wine, I find wine helping owing to the fruit (red) reduces the need for a ciggarette. Half the battle is psychological if you need a ciggy when drinking - its a case of winning the psychological battle. Good luck - I know I am winning. Have the will to win, you dont realiase how strong your willpower can be.. Its all in the mind. :D
  6. With any addictive substance you should go cold turkey. That one will turn into 2 which will turn into 10 etc. Only way its going to work is to cut it out 100%. IME anyway.

    Good luck! I hope you manage to stop.

  7. Chewin at the bit here , but not gave in so far... still , one would be nice , and as the topic stands what difference would it make ????? 8O :?
  8. I smoked for over 35 years and on the Friday before going on holiday(last Sptember) I decided that I no longer wanted to feel like a Leper when standing outside the office. I had my last fag and then threw the empty packet away. I went away and avoided the duty free shop both on the way and the way back. Never smoked the whole time I was there and have not smoked since. I suppose not everyone can go cold turkey, I found it easy if you avoid the places that you would smoke at. After a while the serious craving go and you can again frequent the pubs. Who knows you might even give up the drink as well. Best of luck.
  9. I quit 5 years ago. Used patches for a week then just went with the willpower thing. The trick was though...I REALLY wanted to quit. I was on 40 a day, more if I went on the lash after work so it was killing me.

    The way I see it, if you have even one fag a day then you're still a smoker, that one a day still has you addicted to the weed. If you are determined to stop, then you will.
  10. Absolutely spot on buggrit. I quit over a year ago using the same method, but for the last patch i just kept it taped on for a couple of extra days (As a comfort more than anything else) but i agree that the biggest part is actually being in a good frame of mind.

    Also, if you still smoke (occasionally) then you are still smoking.
  11. Nails Silky!

    I thought I`d got it sussed. I stopped 6 weeks before Xmas, but was smoking 5-10 when on the lash at the week-end. What was actually happening was that I was cold turkey all week until Friday-Saturdat p*ss up, using the weekend as a crutch to smoke, (no way to live). you are still withdrawing even if you only have a couple of tabs a week. :cry:

    Now, Ive not smoked since New Years day (not a resolution) and will NOT when up the pub tonight either. How long till I should start running again after Ive quit?

    edited to get to original point....I started running again in the summer (getting ready for the winter climbing/backpacking season) I was smoking then, and yes the difference is phenomenal regards cardio-vascular and not smoking, the point being (I suppose) that their are no half measures regards smoking and fitness......and the added complication of being 37 :x

    good luck with it m8.
  12. The more you smoke the worse it is.

    There are 70 cancer causing chems in ciggies. Science has no idea how these are going to effect most of us. As for the other hundreds of chems....well if eating bbq'd red meat is carcinogenic, imagine how bad ciggies are!

    A couple of cigars a year is going to do nothing all. Just like a few bbq's steakes wont kill you.

    If you ingest either with any kind of regularity you begin to take on the risk of someone who does it full time.
  13. after 1 year chances of heart disease are cut by 50% backy pack says so. i quit a few years ago for 6 months....felt an improvement in my running...but!!! with all cold turkeying your body needs a starts to fight you as its craving the nicotine...mine was it gets twice as hard your fighting temptation not to have a fag...and your havin to fight your body not to eat food! if i quit i know i would be able to run alot futher and easier so i`m gradually cutting down further and further... to make the process easier... wether it takes a month or a year to cut down to none who knows but i`m taking the steps to aviod the body wanting a replacement.
  14. Forgot about this, I still smoke once in a blue moon , reminds me how shit and pointless it is for the next week or so :D

    I've ran most of the lungbutter out of my chest now anyway, I even feel rough just after a night sitting around with mates that smoke now...
  15. Might want to have a look at the easyway to give up smoking by Allen Carr - helped me quit as it challenges your perception why you smoke etc, never gone back.