Cold Steel Knives

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bomb-int, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. We have just got our first shippment of Cold Steel Knives in and they are going fast!
    I have only added a few, please let me know what you guys think of the range and if you think that we should add any other Cold Steel Knives (but not swords) :)

    Our Cold Steel Knives range is here: Combat knives

    Cold Steel Website is here: Cold Steel Knives : The Ultimate Knife and Blade Company

    Thoughts please (non sexual and only about what knives we are missing)
  2. Recon 1 looks a bit like a sex toy, and it's got 'Click to Enlarge' written next to it.
  3. RAF Wifes Hari Kari sword, price for 1 only please.
  4. If that's your idea of a sex toy then I'm not coming to your Ann Summers party.
  5. Come on, we've all experimented.
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  6. Thats what i love about ARRSE, its very often sick. That said, i wish i had put Cold Steel in to my exWife instead of my dick!
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  7. A decent "rescue" knife would be good something like a ceramic blade for kit and seatbelt cutting with a widow popper on the handle. I have a expensive gerber Knife bought in the US with all of the above on it but it is huge. There are already a few on the Market but they are usually crap quality and break easy or the are massive. I am a regular mil paramedic and have used a fair few in afghan and in civi street and still not found one that ticks all boxes! I use a benchwade now which is the best out there at the moment. It's just a idea for you to look at.
  8. Seat Belt Cutters, well we have two and also a "Rescue" knive/tool from blackhawk. Dont know if you managed to see them on our website?

    Gerber Seatbelt Cutter
    Benchmade Rescue Hook 5
    Blackhawk Seatbelt Cutter/Rescue Knife

    The Gerber Seatbelt Cutter is an awesome little bit of kit, lightweight and not at all expensive. I understand that "Them" use them and also quite a few Para's. Better trying to cut cords with abelt cutter than to take half your own face off with a knife while trying!
  9. Thanks for the reply
  10. The SRK knife is very good if you want a fixed blade knife.Actually used it too open a car door which had jammed after the car rolled down an embankment.Though mostly used it to stab hesco with which it was ideal for.
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the Kobun is a good bit of kit, nice, cheap and simple, classed as a utility knife apparently but ideal for something to tuck away amongst pouches when you dont want to look overly aggressive.
  12. It's not too late! Where does she live?