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Cold Roast Beef

Right so. I had a roast beef dinner yesterday and I've got some meat left.
It's a good quality chunk of beef. It was cooked to medium and is the size and shape of a bag of sugar.

Apart from making 30 beef and mustard sandwiches, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how best to use this up.

Any suggestions?
why not cut it to reasonably thick slices, put them in a cassarole dish with a nice thick onion gravy. serve with carrots sweetcorn and a few boiled tatties. or if your comon like me chips n peas .


Book Reviewer
Unusual Roast Beef Sandwich:

One Yorkshire Pudding
Mixed Salad leaves


Slice the Yorkshire in half leaving a hinge
Place two generous slices of beef on top of the sliced yourkshire
Add a generous amount of mixed leaves
Top with as much horseradish as desired.

Close the Yorkshire.

Fry slices in batter.

Place on yorkie and douse in horseradish.

Cover in bacon and cheese.

Nod in direction of salad leaf.


Call emergency services to drop by some time and jump start your heart.


Re-heating roast meats is never a good idea. If you don`t like them cold with pickles etc, put them in the dog.

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