Cold Feet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rincewind, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. Long distant riding on the bike in this weather is causing me some gip - feet wise, got leather boots with armour where i need it and the last 2 trips were so cold i was posative my feet were wet through, turns out it was the cold and wind, can anyone reccomend some good socks or a solution?

    thought about some Goretex socks? at the moment i use rockbridge hiking socks but its still really cold. would goretex make a difference?

    Or should i just wear my Combat boots and 2 pairs of thick wooly socks instead?

  2. Mate,
    I've been riding for 20 years and I still get wet and cold sometimes. I have a pair of boots, a size too big so I can wear 2 pairs of socks, thin cotton ones (newer wicking stuff is around) and a thicker insulating pair. If the boot/sock combination is too tight you get cold feet quicker.

    If its a long ride I sometimes wear gaiters as these help and only leave the toes exposed for gearchanges.

    I used to have some Goretex oversocks (like a gortex foot shaped bag) but these wore through very quickly.

    The DR's in London wear plastic bags in their boots.

    Hope this helps
  3. In the winter I always found my bike boots too thin and no matter how many pairs of socks, well two, never kept em warm and dry. Wore my pro-boots n they were excellent.
  4. This may be a little lateral, but it works for me. Cold extremities, especially when you are engaged in sedentary activities ie. riding a motorbike are usually a circulation issue. A few drops of ginger tincture in a glass of water will stimulate your circulation, and cause your blood vessels to dilate, resulting in toasty tootsies
    This is similiar to the effects of viagra, so you may well have something else to look forward to when you get home! :wink:
  5. hehehehe. Holland and Barret?

    cheers for the replies - i have size 12s so already wear the biggest size boots my bike dealer sells....meaning a thick pair of socks is a tight fit.

    i think Assault Boots and thick green socks are the solution in this weather.

    Cheers again, will try the ginger tincture though! ;)

  6. Take a bus?
  7. Rather cut my own hand off with a spoon.


    PS Chicks Dig blokes with big bikes!!! - Ask your mum ;)
  8. Have to admit that when it is cold and wet the heated waistcoat comes out! This warms the blood from the body as oit passes through the chest area and sends oit back to the toes and fingers! But another one is the good old plastic bags over the socks.
  9. The Murphy's law of bikes - If you stop one bit of you getting cold another part will take it's place within 1/2 an hour :lol:
  10. electric socks?
  11. Yeah thats true, stopped off at a friendly unit on the way south and borrowed some Ceremonial white gloves as inners. another 50 mile and got cold again, stopped for some fuel and saw the "free" plastic disposable gloves, put them over inners, then put bike gloves on over top.

    Worked a treat. got cold nose.

    Feet were mega freezing though, 5 degrees with 100mph wind chill (assuming no wind) (allegidly doing 100mph - no one saw me, you cant prove it, bigger boys did it and ran away)

    Have invested in some Oxford Heated grips for the hands, Assault boots, with Civ Div std issue socks and 'Orrible green army ones over the top i feel is foot solution. Awaiting delivery of heated grips.

  12. Tights wimmins Tights.
    Any colour or style ya fancy. Oh Black fishnet or those suspender tights. Quick hand shandy cumming up.
    PS. If they don't work at least the staff in Emergency room will get a laugh when they strip ya down post crash.
  13. birds like like blokes with flash cars, Ask YOUR mum
    :lol: :lol: