Cold Cure?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Evenign Chaps & Chapesses,

    I'm usually a bastion of strength against any illness, but this cold has been getting me down since the New Year & I can't seem to overcome it as yet. Walking to work in the rain & drinking copious amounts of alcohol at the weekend probably doesn't help too much either.

    I've been drinking Lemsip & lots of orange juice to try & get the ol defences up. My dear mother mentioned something about snorting sodium chloride, though I haven't tried that yet. I imagine walking into my local Mackee dees at lunchtime & snorting lines of table salt in front of the kiddies may not go down too well, the local plod will prolly think I'm doing charlie. 8O

    I have, however, been gargling with salt water & that didn't really help much either, I've heard that gargling with TCP is quite good if you have a sore throat.

    Does anyone know of any cures? I'm willing to give anything a shot, as long as it's not too perverted & doesn't involve sheep & candle wax, my mates tried that one before.

    Most obliged, &tc.

  2. Sorry DC, I've no idea how to cure a if you'd said AIDS!!...I've a cure for that, but I'm saving it for a special occasion.
  3. Exercise ! Chase it out
  4. You cannot cure a cold, as its a virus. You can relieve the symptoms, but too much means that you feel ok, continue with normal routine and then catch another cold straight after the first one.

    Best thing to do - stay home and sweat it out
  5. echinacea can help shorten it, and boost you against the next one!
  6. Aww bless! Found something useful for you if you've got a runny nose Dashing Chap:

  7. D_C,

    No matter how difficult it gets, no matter how rocky the road, no matter what the weather, remember:

    You're never too ill to w@nk.
  8. There is no 'cure' as such and since you cannot treat the cold itself, you are just treating the symptoms.
    I can't be arrsed to deal with a cold so I just go for the full monty...
    'Benylin Day and Night' works for me, it treats the symptoms agressively and you'll wonder if you need to take the next pill as after a day it feels as if it has gone away. Don't be fooled though, the course is for 5 days and you just take the whole package as stated on the pack. After 5 days the cold has been defeated by your own immune system and you're done.
    I couldn't get 'Benylin Day and Night' for the missue so I got a 'Day Nurse/Night Nurse' equivalent as recommended by the Pharmacist and the missus said it worked perfectly. Apparently it's exactly the same ingredients as 'Benylin Day and Night' but with something for a tickly cough.
    I am not a doctor of course, just someone who found something that works for me (and the missus too).
  9. Contrary to popular opinion there are many cures for the miseries of the common cold. I have a couple at home: A Webley Mk IV Cal .455 British, and a Glock 23 Cal .40 S&W. Either will do the trick!
  10. Isn't heroin(?) a "cure" for the common cold? I seem to remember something along those lines
  11. I certainly agree old boy, in fact I've been taking good advantage of the inactive moments during my perilous, near-death, position to indulge myself in such activities. A good thrashing may even prove to be a cure! :lol: It certainly helps to brighten up my day, the long winter nights just seem to fly by! If I were a Dr I'd recommend it to all my patients.

    Thank you for your kind advice everyone. Mr Andy sir, yours seems quite sound, I shall endeavour to find some of this marvellous Benylin stuff during my lunch break.

    BTW can any scablifters confirm the whole snorting salt business?



  12. OK, I'll admit I'm bored so I googled it and it's better than dull and dreary work, anyway came up with this:

    Sounds disgusting. Wish I hadn't bothered!
  13. Fabulous, I was thinking about making lunch for some young girlie I met at the weekend, now I won't have to worry about the fish sauce.

  14. Being an old-fashioned type of chap, I prefer to refer to follow the teachings of the great Pliny the Elder (apologies for the cut-and-paste job):


    Erm, on second thoughts, I'll stick with Lemsip, Sudafed and 1000mg Vitamin C