Cold calls!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ferme_ta_gueule_toi, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. That's the 4th F*K*ING call this afternoon..

    Any advice on dealing with cold/selling callers?

    I did tell someone to F*$k off last week but it turned out to be a legitimate call.

    There are websites you can join that say they can stop cold calls, but they want all your details like email and mob number, and im not sure if it's some sort of scam.

    I used to enjoy winding them up, but now it's just annoying me to the point that everyone who calls the house gets greated with "WHAT?"

    Anyway, better go.....The phone's ringing!
  2. Contact BT they can arrange filtering.
  3. Tell them your having a hand shandy and ask what they are wearing or if they have kids and what they look like in a swim suit
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Ask them to hold on 2 seconds then fcuk off tot he pub or something.
  5. i just listen, then tell em to fec off, am in the middle of getting some rather good head
  6. Wind them up, waste their time. This afternoon I had some Indian talking about a "free" kitchen quote. After 5 mintes of winding him up it came to my address....which I said was a caravan.....line went dead.
  7. Thanks all...I reckon I'll register with the site britegirlie suggested in the morn...that way tonight I can have some payback...The site also asks for emails, postcode, names and all that, but looks reputable enough. If registering triples the amout of calls I'll know where to come britegirlie!!

    I'm not kidding but I'v had another while writing this...except it wasn't even a person...just some robot thing going "please do not hang up, this is not a sales call"
  8. thanks for those links britegirlie, just what i needed too.
  9. A retired Argyll I know uses this patter for cold calls:

    "Does this involve me spending money?... Well fcuk off."

    Seem to work for him.
  10. As per the recommedations to join TPS/MPS: once you have registered on these sites, it is illiegal for a company to then contact you 'cold'.

    if you receive any such call, mention the magic words 'this is an unsolicited call' and you will have the fastest hang up ever...

    The potential fine to any such company that calls you once you have registered is £1000
  11. Been registered with this for some time. Really brilliant - no junk mail, maybe 2 or 3 colds calls a year. Well worth registering. Takes about 4-6 weeks for it to filter through.
  12. Registration with TPS should stop double glazing enthusiasts in the UK calling you. Unfortunately, it won't stop the phone jockeys from the dark continent, as a mate discovered.

    Have you got caller ID on your phone? If you have, you can see who is calling before you answer. Mine usually says 'INTERNATIONAL' if I'm getting a junk call from abroad and I just reject the call.

    Some companies block their number so caller ID won't display it. However, you can get BT to block these calls so your phone doesn't ring. I think it's called 'choose to refuse'.

    Find out where the hold button is on your phone. If you get a sales call, say 'please hold' and let the buggers listen to Greensleeves for 10 minutes. If you keep doing this, they'll soon tag you as a time waster.

    The last resort is to get BT to change your phone number. Make sure your new number is ex-directory and don't disclose it to any commercial organisations. You need to guard your privacy these days. Address, phone number, email. Tell nobody unless you absolutely have to.
  13. The following response to cold callers has been around for some time, and I expect there is already a link to it somewhere on ARRSE.

    If you haven't seen it before it's worth a chuckle or two.