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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by McVitie, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I'm at my shagging wits ends! Every night (between 7-9) for the past 2 weeks (without fail) I have been receiving the old, your postcode has won a prize, you need new windows? a loan? feckin pet insurance? Fcuk off!!! :x

    The old throw yourself under a bus statements, has warn a little thin now and does not bring me any enjoyment. Is there anywhere you can register to stop these creatins ringing? I'ts slowly driving me insane, I've now developed a psychotic habit of waiting by the phone, waiting for them to call.

  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. Telephone Preference Service

    Register with them free. Anyone who cold calls you will shite themselves if you tell them you're on it.

    Either that or attempt to tell them you're in the middle of a wnak and try and get them to talk dirty to you.
  4. Useful link...but I have to say I'd go with the wank method!
  5. *Sorry...wnak!
  6. Cheers fellas!
    Registered with them, so I shall wait and see.
  7. Or you could do the following:

    Ask them to hold,

    put the phone down (do not hang up they are paying!!)

    and leave it for 40 minutes.

    Then ask them whcih number they have dialled and ask them to hold again.

    If they are still on after another 40 mins HANG UP!!
  8. I was harassed for a very long time by a double glazing company who obviously didn't understand English. Eventually I said I would love for them to send someone round to give me a quote. Unfortunately being a shift worker the only time I was free was 9PM on a saturday night. When the rep turned up I told him to go away. When he started bleating about wasting his time I replied that he now knew how I felt and was it possible his company would not remove me from their calls list?
    Haven't heard anything since.
  9. Been with the old TPS for a while now and it works although the odd one does get through so i just hang up on them but one of the wankers phoned me again and tried to have a go about me cutting him off so told him i was with TPS and he shouldn't be calling me and he said whose that then so just told him to feck orf and that worked.
  10. TPS only cuts down on the unsolicited calls, it doesn't stop them.

    Remember that if you forget to tick that little box at the end of a form (the one with the illegible small print that says you give your permission for your details to be sent to a third party etc), you remove every one of the third parties from the TPS blocking list.

    Hence when some scrote phones up and you rant on about the TPS, he'll merely say that someone in your household must have completed a survey. When questioned further, he'll say that he doesn't know which survey, just that his company got your number from a reputable company that screens the permissions given in surveys.

    Even that's not the end. Any company that has any contractual dealings with you can circumvent the TPS, allowing them to try to flog unrelated stuff. E.g. British Gas trying to flog "white goods" insurance.

    It's a bit of a paper tiger, but it does cut down the nuisance calls to about one a week.

    Orange were one of the worst offenders. They must have at least a dozen entries in their records that say "Customer said 'Fcuk off! Don't call this number again.'" Unfortunately (unknown to me) Miss Puttees opened a contract with them, so they now have legal access to cold call the household :(
  11. My method of dealing with the cold callers is to ask "Before we go any further, tell me your full name and your personal home phone number,"


    So I can phone you back at 3am and we can carry on this conversation. I WORK NIGHTS, FCUKWIT!" (I don't works nights all that often, really).

    "Ahhh. Would you like me to remove your number from our records?"

    "No. Keep the number there and annotate it 'DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER.' Thank you. Goodbye."
  12. I've found that informing them that 'this call is being recorded for training purposes' and asking them for their full name, then for security reasons i need their post code, first line of their address etc. It usually stumps them, especially those who I suspect are calling from somewhere foreign like Bradford.
  13. If TPS fails it could be the foreign call center. Most call call centers ring a block of numbers at once and connect to the first person that answers. There is a way round this if your quick.

    When a call centre rings there's a slight pause between the connection, if you hit the # key and keep pressing it before it connects it confuses their system and it knocks your number from their call list.
  14. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    TPS has stopped them pretty much altogether for me but then I'm very careful about reading small print and ticking little "opt out" boxes. I still get companies calling from outside the Uk who aren't covered.

    The most fun you can have is to ask them lots of questions. Ask them for the company's full name. Then ask them how you spell it - ask them to spell any word with more than 3 letters. Then say your pen has run out and ask them to wait while you get another one. Go away for 5 minutes. If they're stupid enough to still be there when you come back ask them for their full name. Ask them to spell it. Ask them where they're calling from. Ask them to spell it.... You get the idea. Most of them have hung up by this stage.

    Alternatively get BT caller ID (it's free), programme your friends and family numbers into your phone so it identifies them by name and don't answer any "witheld number" calls.