Cold and Flu

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Lancialfa, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Best remedy for cold and flu?

    Someone must have the secret! :D
  2. Spunk consumed within 5 minutes of leaving your penis.
  3. Hot Whiskey with brown sugar, lemon and cloves.... its lovely... always makes me feel much better....
  4. Don't get anywhere near someone who already has it...................?

    Flu jabs are not a bad idea. I've had one each autumn for the last three years, and have avoided the usual winter flu as a result. Given how ill I used to get for a week every year, I call that a result.

    Like the condom or abortion debate, prevention is better than a cure.

  5. Paracetamol - One gram every 6 hours
    Ibuprofen - 400mgs every 8 hours
    Sudafed - one tablet every 6 hours
    Otrivin nasal spray every 8 hours
    Whiskey Mac - large measure as required
  6. If you cant have it done on the NHS get these guys in to give you the flu jab £15 per person
  7. Boil root ginger in water for about 15 mins; add some lemon juice and honey and drink. Ginger works wonders on the body.
  8. Chubb, do us all a favour?

    Instead of getting the flu jab, inject neat Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane into your eye ball. Webcam the results, you pointless wretch.
  9. The recognised medical cure for cold and flu is to 'Man the fuck up'.
  10. Buggered if I know
    I've had the current cold for nigh on a month!
  11. Depend's what symptoms you have?
  12. Keep warm and let it run it's course; all the symptoms you're experiencing is your body fighting the virus.

    Like spaz said...'man the fcuk up'
  13. boiled onions do the trick for me, mind you the after efects dnt please the wife
  14. Id guess that might be an issue.... :D
  15. Antibiotics tend to work if you have a very bad cough.