Colchester Rally Team needing Car mechanic/auto electrician (part-time)

Work on car at our location near the Army base (southern edge of Colchester). Would suit an experienced and competent mechanic/auto electrician who can think outside the box to solve tricky unique electrical and mechanical problems, fabricate components etc. Working hours are flexible to suit you and they vary depending on what the car needs doing on it from one week to the next -as long as the car is fixed up in time for the next rally (approximately monthly).
Email your CV (do not phone or text message).


How about an email address?

I like the way you've asked not to be phoned, or text. Though not strictly necessary as you've not included a phone number either.


I believe that you can paste your CV into a Private Message/PM to me
Indeed they can. That's a PM though, not an email.

I know it sounds ****, but some people come on here, post a job offer with email address, and don't come back again.
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