Colchester Quarters

Right - its that time again.
Got to choose where to live - have no idea why they even ask what we want because they probably won't even read it....but hey!
So then guys help me out...
3 estates for the pref form please!!
Drury Meadows is the posh other ranks patch, which is messines rd to mons rd, where i am

The scumbag patch is further down layer rd, cassino and earlswood down to lordswood. there are houses boarded up and troublesome civvie families there too. saying that fallowfield and alamein are ok.

the third patch is for officers, not sure where that is.
Right at the end of layer road, as your leaving barracks theres an estate with some good places on, ten minutes from barracks by car, avoid alamein, and greenstead, its a lotto really, and hes right about the troublesome civvy families.

Also avoid local scout group like the plague, full of paedos, proven too, but you will enjoy clooy, roberts nice bar for a bevvy quiet but nice and cheap ish, or chicagos, aboid becky from the sgts mess 3 para, a loon,
I dont know how many bedrooms youre after mate, but cottonwood close (2 bedrooms) have just been refurbished and are like brand new, there are other streets on the estate just round the corner from cottonwood near the new gym which are, i believe, at least 3 bedroom houses that have also just been refurbished, sadly I dont know the name of the street, many apologies. All these houses are a stones throw away from merville bks.
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