Colchester Prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DAZFOZ, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anybody could give me any information on colchester prison, a friend of mine has recently been charged of a minor indescretion, and has been sentenced to 10months. i am trying to find out about visiting rights/can i send letters/is there access to phones?

    what is the regime like?

    Thanks in advance
  2. spent some time there in 81 got out got promoted, not a dawdle , and ten months doesn't sound minor to me
  3. I've been told that its like being back in training????? were you allowed visitors?
  4. ask your friend or contact colchester and let them know they are a prison and not a training centre..bound to go down well :wink:
  5. sure it would ;-)
  6. visiting was allowed , lot's of things considered contriband so you can't post them in, tell him just show willing and he should be allright
  7. we had two guys who tried to convince their families M.C.T.C stood for Marine Commando Training Centre
  8. Well he's in the marines so he may be able to get away with that, not let his parents know yet!!!!
  9. Motor Cycle Training College has been that since its name change, or when they got rid of the nissan huts, boy i hated them :wink:
  10. tea n stickies at 2030 throught the window
  11. I had always been lead to believe that the maximum sentence served at collie was 6 months and any remaining time was spent in a civvie nick
  12. 10 months is sure as hell not for a minor discretion. Punched out an Officer or SNCO yes maybe.

    In BAOR 28 day sentences were always at Colchester - horror stories from the guys that did go there. But that was in the 60's so its probably tea & biscuits today !.
  13. 10 months for a minor indiscretion that's BS! You only get sentences that long for serious offences!

    Providing your are soldiering on you will stay in Collie.

    If you are discharged you are initially sent to MCTC whilst they sort out a civvie prison near your home.

    Edited to say, the comment made that Collie regime is similar to training is fairly accurate, although its tougher.
  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Could the translation to this be:

    I am a cheap journo trying to do a sensational expose on the military prison. I know nothing and so am digging for info on what life is like for those inside. As such, I have just joined the source of all Army knowledge and am digging away like a ferret (if they dig??).

    DAZFOZ - if you really do have a "mate" banged up, what was it for and why can he not tell you when he is inside (assuming he can write) what it is like? Why do you need to know now?
  15. It's not like MCTC is a secret. I remember watching a documentary on the BBC a couple of years ago about it. It's just like being back in basic, except all your ATDs and other training courses (sigs, shooting, etc) are intensely taught, so you leave a better soldier then when you went in. I've known a few who have attended and all were promoted quickly and went onto better things.