Colchester Bird steals paratroopers money

Did anyone see the articule in the Daily Mail on saturday about the paratrooper who was completly disabled in a car crash. His Colchester wife went on a wild spending spree with his £200,000 medical payment.

She buggered off on a luxuary holiday to Fiji with some bloke and helped herself to a lavish lifestyle.
The bitch got a 18 month sentance suspended for two years.

The guy's dad who is a major in the Parachute Regiment has had to give up his 30 year career to look after his son.

They had a picture of the bitch in the paper -she needs her face stove in with a pick-axe handle.

After this story and the one about the convict father who lied about donating his kidney to his son, my faith in human nature is waning. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can stoop so low.
I read the article, one of the worst cases of theft I've seen and the bitch gets a suspended sentence. I despair!
That was an awful story. The bloody judge needs to be jailed himself. Hopefully some exServicemans charity will step up to the challenge and help this innocent guy out. That bitch is evil. May she rot in hell slowly the cow that she is. I hope she gets Avian Flu.
What a feckin b1tch. 18 mths suspended for 2 years is an insult to that poor bloke. I,ve seen people get more than that for much lesser offences. A tart nicks 200k & cops a suspended sentance. It just about sums up the justice system in this country nowadays. I,ve said it before but we are on a very,very slippery slope. Hope the b1tch rots in hell.




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Anyone got a link to the story ?
One can only hope the woman will be treated like a leper by her local community - or is that wishful thinking these days ??
See if any of the arrse maidens are living in anything but a council house.

If so, there's your culprit. :D
Lasalle said:
Legally, as they were married the money was as much hers as his. Lesson: be careful who you marry.
I know that you're not justifying her actions, but even if they legally share estate that doesn't make this any less a repulsive act.
Makes it much worse. But before we castigate the judge along with the thieving piece we know if he actually had the option to give a heavier sentence?
Lasalle said:
Legally, as they were married the money was as much hers as his. Lesson: be careful who you marry.
That's not true - it's not that simple. But in this case she had legitimate access as she held power of attorney (understandable given that her husband was paralysed from neck down I think). His parents lived abroad so had no idea what was happening to the money. The wife could only withdraw cash if she gave the bank an explanation of why she needed it. But she got round this by making up a long list of medical and other requirements.

Had not heard about sentence (or lack of!). Totally disgusting. Why is Britain encouraging this sort of evil behaviour?!

Copyright 2006 Associated Newspapers Ltd.
All Rights Reserved
Daily Mail (London)

January 12, 2006 Thursday

Three weeks into their marriage her soldier husband was paralysed from the neck down. With his Pounds 200,000 compensation she took her lover to Fiji, bought a breast enlargement and even sponsored her own football team. So is this...modern times


TO THE amateur footballers of Aylesbury Saints, Lianne Smith was regarded as something of a godsend. Not only was the 23-year-old particularly easy on the eye - think cosmetically enhanced DDchest, Toni & Guy blonde hair and figurehugging Von Dutch jeans - but she was also said to be a multimillionaire.

So when she offered to sponsor the team (all she wanted in return was her initials plastered down the front of their kit) the players jumped at the opportunity. But 18 months on and the Saints' dreams of soccer domination have been shelved and their shirts binned. And as for their former sponsor, well, the outlook could hardly be bleaker.

Indeed, in all likelihood the next time anyone sees Smith's name so prominently displayed will be when it is chalked on to the door of a prison cell. For this is a story of a most extraordinary rise and fall, a tale of hubris and shocking betrayal.

In short, it is the story of how Smith, a newly-married woman, was prepared to steal from her husband, a 21-year-old paratrooper, as he lay paralysed from the neck down in hospital.

The money she took had been paid out by his insurance company and was supposed to cover the cost of his daytoday care.

Instead, telling anyone who asked that she was a wealthy heiress, Smith blew thousands on diamond jewellery, designer clothes, champagne and partying round the clock.

Friends and relatives were showered with gifts and loans, with eight of them taken for a long weekend in Portugal to watch England play in Euro 2004.

Another 'friend', her 18-year-old toyboy, was treated to a noexpensespared trip to Fiji, from which she returned boasting of how they had barely left the hotel room. Of course, the bigger the lie, the bigger the fall.

Eventually rumbled by her husband's family, Smith last week appeared in court to admit stealing Pounds 19,000.

But police say the real figure could be ten times that amount and that her theft has left her husband struggling to cope financially.

'What she did is beyond sick,' said a former friend last night. 'A lot of people think she'd have to be evil to do what she did but the truth is that she lacks the intelligence to be truly devious.

She's basically just a cheating chav.' And as she's proved, a chav with access to money is a dangerous thing.

IF PROOF were needed of the speed of Smith's decline from champagne chav to 'chav-not' then a visit to her former home in Aylesbury is highly instructive.

When she rented it in mid-2004, while her husband was in hospital, she paid the Pounds 650a-month fee upfront for six months and showed the letting agent a bank statement with Pounds 100,000 in it.

Less than a month ago she was finally evicted from the property allegedly owing four months' rent. During her time there the flat, new when she moved in, has suffered terribly, and in recent days carpets have had to be ripped out, toilets professionally cleaned with acid and skip-loads of rubbish, including used condoms and piles of unpaid bills, removed.

Doors had holes knocked in them and even one of the plasterboard walls had been damaged. 'Her boyfriend picked her up and pushed her against it when they were having sex,' said a friend.

'They broke a sofa as well - Lianne was very "active" in that way.' Of course, those activities could hardly have been in starker contrast to the terrible plight of her husband.

A good-looking giant of a man, Jonathan Noble was just 19 when he first met Smith in August 2002. A para (his father also served with the Regiment), their paths crossed in the garrison town of Colchester, close to her childhood home in the Essex port of Harwich.

She was a couple of years his senior but in terms of life experience was in an altogether different league.

The product of a broken marriage, Smith left school at the age of 16, shortly after which she gave birth to her daughter, Dannhi. Unable to cope with being a mother, she left the child with her grandmother to bring up while she flitted from relationship to relationship and part-time job to part-time job.

Even then, former boyfriends remember her as a difficult, manipulative character who was both materialistic and desperate for a taste of the high life.

'When she was little she didn't have much, and that put her on the path of wanting everything and she didn't care how she got it,' said a former boyfriend, who asked not to be named.

'She always wanted to go to the nice places. If we had lived in London we would have been trying to get into The Ivy and Nobu and hanging around Chinawhite's - she likes to be associated with people in power and people who are rich.' As well as allegedly leaving a trail of unpaid debts behind her, there were also early signs that she might not be the most loyal of companions.

'I took her away on holiday in June 2002,' the boyfriend added. 'We went to Kos in Greece to a five-star hotel. I paid for it and she didn't even bring any spending money. On the holiday she got friendly with this waiter and on the last night I wasn't very well and went to bed early. She told me she was going to have a few more drinks.

'In the event, she didn't come home till the morning and had a bloody great love bite on her neck. She told me she had slept on a beach but there was not a spot of sand anywhere on her - that was the start of the end of our relationship.' Soon after Smith met her future husband - whom her ex bumped into on a number of occasions. 'I met John a couple of times and he was a really nice bloke,' he said. 'I did say "Be careful", but he was a mug like I was.' And so it was that in August 2003 Smith and Noble married in Colchester.

But within just three weeks of that happy day, tragedy struck.

Although details remain scant, it is understood that Mr Noble was trapped in his car beneath a lorry in a civilian accident. Partly because of his height - he is 6ft 4in - he broke his neck and was paralysed from there down.

OF COURSE, it is impossible to overestimate the stress and pressures that such an accident would exert on the relationship of a young married couple and, to begin with at least, Smith is said to have tried her best to help care for her husband.

With this in mind, at the start of 2004 the couple moved to Army accommodation in Naphill, Buckinghamshire, so that they might be nearer to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where Mr Noble could receive specialist treatment.

It is thought that Mr Noble, although requiring round-the-clock care, was able to return to the Naphill house at times and that modifications were made to make it more practical for him to stay there. But increasingly he was treated as an inpatient at Stoke Mandeville, where Smith paid visits of diminishing frequency.

A friend said: 'I went with her to visit John and he asked her what she had been doing and why hadn't she been to see him for a day or two. She just said that she had been busy, but they seemed to get on OK. It was just terribly sad to see such a young man lying there so helplessly.' By then he had received an initial insurance payout of Pounds 200,000 but because he was unable to access his money himself, Smith was given power of attorney over it. And from the start, she showed she had expensive tastes.

First up was a Pounds 24,000 Audi A3 with Pounds 1,000 alloy wheels and private number plate. Then came a Pounds 5,000 breast enlargement operation. Both transactions are said to have been approved by her husband ('She could hardly have kept the breast job secret from him,' said a source) but even so he must have wondered what her game was.

Within months, that would become abundantly clear.

Following their move, Smith started socialising in Aylesbury, close to the hospital, and became friends with a group of young men and women, buying them bottles of Cristal champagne and generally being the life-and-soul of the party.

'She was very confident and in your face and the first time we met we were in the toilets and she flashed her boobs at me and said: "Can you tell they're not real," ' a former female acquaintance said.

Weeks later she is said to have invited eight of her cronies to accompany her to Portugal to watch England play Croatia in Euro 2004. Flights, tickets and accommodation in Lisbon (four-star for them, five-star for her) were all paid for.

While she had been honest from the start about what had happened to her husband - and told them he must not find out about the Portugal trip - she lied about where the money came from.

'She told us that her grandmother had died and that she had inherited Pounds 6 million, and that she had money all over the world,' the friend explained.

'Who were we not to believe her? The way she spent money made you think that she must have so much of it that she'd never have to worry about it.' On a whim, she paid Pounds 500 to sponsor a local football team (their shirts bore the initials LBN, Lianne Bernardine Noble, her married name) and her shopping trips to nearby Milton Keynes became the stuff of local legend. 'She'd say things like "Bet I can spend Pounds 1,000 in half and hour", and then off she'd go,' said the friend.

FAVOURITES were designer underwear by Agent Provocateur, jeans and tracksuits by Von Dutch and Juicy Couture, and tops by the aptly named Golddigga label.

She also spent a fortune at the hairdressers, often spending Pounds 40a-time at Toni & Guy just to have her hair blow-dried because she couldn't be bothered to do it herself.

At the same time she loaned money to friends - Pounds 7,000 in one case - and then in July 2004 handed over nearly Pounds 4,000 upfront for the Aylesbury flat.

Again, it is claimed that she did not tell her husband about this flat and that after moving in she started to visit him less and less. 'She was really unhappy with John and said that he was really nasty to her and that even though she was trying to help him he was always snappy with her,' said the friend.

'But then he was 21 and paralysedso I suppose you would be a bit snappy. She always used to say how much he had changed and how she didn't want to be with him any more but that she couldn't leave him because he was paralysed and it would sit badly on her conscience to leave a paralysed husband.' Her conscience, however, didn't stop her playing the field, and that summer she is said to have started seeing an 18-yearold plumber whom she had met through the football team she sponsored.

'She was besotted with him and wanted a relationship with him,' the friend said. 'I think they really did click. She really liked him but he was just really enjoying the fact he was with an older woman who was spending lots of money on him.' That would include, in August, a Pounds 3,400 holiday to Fiji (plus Pounds 1,000 spending money) that by sheer chance happened to mark the beginning of the end for Smith. While Smith and her boyfriend were abroad it is understood that her Audi was stolen.

When it was recovered by police they were unable to get hold of Smith, so instead contacted her husband. At that time Mr Noble's condition had started to improve slightly.

Police sources say he had recovered some mobility in his neck and was able to sign documents using his mouth and was conducting a review of his finances that had shown tens of thousands of pounds missing.

He arranged for his brother to pick up the car and he quickly discovered further clues to his wife's deceit.

'In the back of the car there were receipts for a Pounds 2,500 telly she had bought for the flat and for the holiday to Fiji, which had her name on it as well as the man she had gone with,' said the friend. 'It all started to unravel from there.' But, even then, she wasn't quite ready to come clean.

'Her husband and his family were ringing and texting and asking what was going on and we asked her what was happening,' the friend continued. 'She told us that she hadn't inherited Pounds 6 million, that it was only Pounds 500,000 and there were some problems to do with that. It was her chance to be honest with us, but she wasn't.' That autumn, however, her husband froze his and his wife's bank accounts and the police were called in. Soon after they staged an early morning raid on the Aylesbury flat, seizing her belongings and arresting Smith.

The case against her was complicated by the fact that it was difficult to prove what of the spending had been specifically authorised by her husband and calculating what might be considered reasonable living expenses.

In the end, appearing at Reading-Crown Court last Wednesday, Smith, now 24, pleaded guilty to five counts of theft, amounting to Pounds 19,000. She will be sentenced next month and was warned by the judge that there was a 'strong likelihood' she would be jailed.

Smith, who has no previous convictions, wept throughout the hearing watched by her husband, who was seated in a wheelchair which he operates using his mouth.

'Jonathan now barely has enough money to pay for that wheelchair,' said one of his friends. 'Not surprisingly, he is in the process of divorcing her.' It is understood that the initial Pounds 200,000 payout came from Mr Noble's insurers and that further compensation will not be forthcoming until a settlement is agreed, possibly through the courts, with the insurers of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Leaving the court, Mr Noble maintained a dignified silence, simply commenting: 'It's over now, so there's really nothing more to say.' By contrast his soon-to-be ex-wife, asked by a reporter if she would speak about the case, replied: 'Why don't you f*** off and get a proper job.' Coming from the mouth of someone who made a living stealing from their paralysed husband, those words could hardly be richer.
What a bitch, she would be the perfect wife for that layabout, criminal, teenage bin man from norwich who won £9 Million on the lottery; they really would deserve each other. She should have at least got a jail sentance, what a w@nker of a judge :evil:


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Not being sure of the true financial situation, has anyone thought of a whip round - to show a bit of solidarity if nothing else (10,000 (+) members - should pay for a few beers at least). His dad lives near me, but I'm not sure about approaching him to ask - anyone here a friend of the family?
If you find a way to help this lad please can you post a lik? This comes from a civvie that respects & cares about our forces. Thank you


Napier, count me in for £50.

Can the COs or one of the Mods start a new thread on this one and lets see what we can knock together?

The whole story makes you want to vomit.

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