Colchester Bird steals paratroopers money

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone see the articule in the Daily Mail on saturday about the paratrooper who was completly disabled in a car crash. His Colchester wife went on a wild spending spree with his £200,000 medical payment.

    She buggered off on a luxuary holiday to Fiji with some bloke and helped herself to a lavish lifestyle.
    The bitch got a 18 month sentance suspended for two years.

    The guy's dad who is a major in the Parachute Regiment has had to give up his 30 year career to look after his son.

    They had a picture of the bitch in the paper -she needs her face stove in with a pick-axe handle.

  2. After this story and the one about the convict father who lied about donating his kidney to his son, my faith in human nature is waning. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can stoop so low.
  3. I read the article, one of the worst cases of theft I've seen and the bitch gets a suspended sentence. I despair!
  4. That was an awful story. The bloody judge needs to be jailed himself. Hopefully some exServicemans charity will step up to the challenge and help this innocent guy out. That bitch is evil. May she rot in hell slowly the cow that she is. I hope she gets Avian Flu.
  5. What a feckin b1tch. 18 mths suspended for 2 years is an insult to that poor bloke. I,ve seen people get more than that for much lesser offences. A tart nicks 200k & cops a suspended sentance. It just about sums up the justice system in this country nowadays. I,ve said it before but we are on a very,very slippery slope. Hope the b1tch rots in hell.


  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Anyone got a link to the story ?
  7. One can only hope the woman will be treated like a leper by her local community - or is that wishful thinking these days ??
  8. See if any of the arrse maidens are living in anything but a council house.

    If so, there's your culprit. :D
  9. Legally, as they were married the money was as much hers as his. Lesson: be careful who you marry.
  10. Really? I've never heard of THAT before!
  11. I know the major in question, a good egg.
  12. StabTwat, there's a time and a place... :roll:
  13. I know that you're not justifying her actions, but even if they legally share estate that doesn't make this any less a repulsive act.
  14. MAkes it worse.
  15. Makes it much worse. But before we castigate the judge along with the thieving piece we know if he actually had the option to give a heavier sentence?