Col. Tim gets book deal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. Col. Tim has written a "damning, eloquent and unaswerable" book in which he professes himself deeply disillusioned with the conduct of Americans in Iraq during the war and subsequently.

    "It raises real questions about the quality of American soldiering and why this is making things worse in Iraq and not better," "He argues that the UK squaddie is far better educated than his American counterpart. Tim says the US high command should not be shocked by the torture of Iraqi prisoners - it was an almost inevitable consequence of having such poorly-educated and poorly-trained men and women in the field."

    The book was last week the subject of a fierce bidding war between Harper-Collins, Penguin and Transworld and the price had reached £400,000 by Friday. The Colonel's agent, Mark Lucas, managed to retain serialisation rights for his client, which could result in Collins making more than £1 million ($1.72 million) from the as yet untitled book.

    "The publishers are getting excited because they now it will appeal not just to people who read military books, but also to the anti-war lobby, It will obviously find an audience on both sides of the Atlantic and the timing of its publication - with elections coming up in both the US and, later, Britain - could prove very interesting."

    Col. Tim also addresses in his book the allegations of abuse made by a US military officer (NG) who claimed - maliciously - that the colonel had been involved in the abuse of Iraqi PoWs. He has since been formally cleared of all allegations.
    Suggestions for book titles anyone?
    How about ...
    FRIENDLY FIRE by Colonel Tim Collins
  2. I met him on Sunday at the Cenotaph, damn nice bloke.
    Good luck with the book big fella!!
  3. Fair play to Tm and good luck , now there is a man who's opinion will be taken note of, although stating the obvious that has been posted on here time and time again , we have all got our own "yanks are p*ss poor soldiers" story but his will have more credence than "moaning tom's" and i hope he sticks the knife right into that f*cker who tried to stitch him up.
  4. Suggestion for a title....

    Fighting the Good Fight
  5. I bet Fox News will give it a fantastic review ;)

    To be fair the US has a (relative to us) huge army and you get good, bad, and indifferent as you would expect anywhere. Their lack of Regimental system mena sit is quite easy to dump the dross on the poorest units rather than havnig them a bit more spread out as you find here. The RRF are a fine unit, but 4 of them are in the spotlight for being knobbers and abusing PoWs. Imagine a scenario where it was far easier to remove them from the RRF along with every other no-hoper, dump them in a unit, and then send them all off to guard PoWs. That's what I understand happened at the AG gaol with Pfc England and her mates.

    I think it would be grossly unfair to tar all US forces with the same brush just as it would to tar the whole of the RRF because of the actions of 4 soldiers in that Regiment.
  6. I already thought we did chuck all our nobbers in one corps , that's why it's really large.
  7. or how about-
    'Shock and Awe'
    'Who's side are you on anyway?'
    'Scapegoats of the coalition'
    'Saddam and other Major Bastards'
    'Support is in the dictionary between shite and syphilis'
    'Closing Ranks'
    'Stab in the back'
    'A better place'
    'We go to liberate, not to conquer'
    'Flying the flag'
    'Treading lightly'
    'No time for sorrow'
    'The mark of Cain'
    A donation to SSAFA Forces Help in my name, name credit in book and 12 signed copies please Tim xxx
  8. So is 'susie'.
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Fukc off Slopes! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. the obvious title would be
    lt col. Tim Collins ...
    i am nails.
  11. which one of your many names would you like him to use in the book? :wink:
  12. I suggest that if he uses one of the suggestions that you buy the book ...then you will find out! :wink:
  13. What a guy, had the pleasure of attending a dinner with him.
  14. I'm sure he was misquoted here, it's supposed to be

    " Mymamadeus Chipsfortea....."
  15. Did anyone else notice that Col. Collins went from being 'a British Officer' at the time of his pre-invasion speech, to 'an Ulsterman' and was being spoken of as 'an Irishman' by the time certain people were giving credence to the ludicrous charges against him? Was this a media ploy to put Col. Collins beyond the Pale? I remember reading that he was disappointed at what he saw as a lack of support.

    Fair play to him anyway - and his mammy came from Dublin aswell. :wink: